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October 15, 2020

Freed Freedom

Letters from a Sri Lanka Seeker to her Meditation Master
In 1986, The Buddhist Cultural Center did something highly unusual. It collected the original letters between a female septuagenarian householder meditator and an esteemed Sri Lankan Theravadan meditation master, about her very personal experience and progress meditating over seven years, and his very focused assessment of her attainment and guidance on the path, and published them. Now for some of us who are used to the breadth of spiritual memoirs of today, where so many individuals have written about their path, this may not feel so out of the ordinary. Or even, for that matter, that interesting. What relevance does an elderly Sri Lankan woman, who discovered breath meditation (the practice of Anapanasati) late in life, have to the trials and tribulations of meditators in the West. Well, for those needing a little inspiration and justification to invest energy in their practice during these culturally turbulent times, quite a bit.


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