The phone rang, and it was a number I needed to take. Awkward. I was rushing out of the subway, bundled against the cold, my eyes darting around for a
This week our lesson centered around mindfulness of the body, connecting to our physicality.
Lecture on the life and process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead by Amy Edelstein held at the University of Pennsylvania.
A version of this article was first published on Jeff Carreira’s personal Blog What I call wormhole inquiries are a sort of philosophical hack t
The Practice of No Problem is a meditation technique based on everything I have learned about how we can replace the habit of having a problem with th
This interview with Phillip Moore, author of The Future of Children: Providing a love based education for every child, was conducted on site at th
In this interview Emergence Educations’s Jeff Carreira speaks with international yoga instructor, teacher trainer and author Erin Aquin about he