Emergence Education is dedicated to a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Our authors, teachers, artists and healers are committed to establishing an enlightened future. The programs, books and art that we feature invite you to participate in that future.

As our work continues to grow and expand we are growing into a school that offers an alternative education focused on principles of spiritual awakening and paradigm shifting ideas.


Jeff Carreira and Amy Edelstein founded Emergence Education in 2012 as a vehicle for sharing the insights of innovative and pioneering thinkers.

Initially our work revolved around publishing books and courses that explored the liberating potential of spiritual awakening and ideas that could shift the paradigm we live in.

Our work has expanded to include art and healing sessions. These offerings reflect our belief in the power of art to convey the unfathomable mysteries of life, and the importance to heal and take care of ourselves as we grow spirituality.

We invite you to explore the books, programs, art and healing sessions that we produce, but more importantly we invite you to embrace our passion for the emergence of an enlightened future.

What began as a small publishing house is becoming the center of a spiritual and artistic movement. We are continually expanding our circle of collaborators and we look forward to continuing to support our growing and vibrant community of modern mystics and the new and exciting ways that each of them has of sharing their own deepest realizations.

In these times, as always, many of us want to explore new ways of being so we can create a better future. The thirst that so many of us feel to connect with one another with more authenticity and depth, inspired us to found Emergence Education, and we are proud to have become a home where emerging voices can be heard, each offering a unique understanding of the world and our potential as human beings.

Most importantly we are gathering a growing community of like minded and spiritually inspired individuals who want to work together to bring new possibilities to life. Our greatest joy is seeing so many people who share a heartfelt care for humanity, a belief in higher possibilities, and a desire to unite with others, coming together around this work.

Thank you for your interest in Emergence Education.