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Emergence Education's authors, teachers, artists and healers are committed to establishing an enlightened future. The programs, books and art that we feature invite you to participate in that future.

As our work continues to expand we are growing into a school that offers an alternative education focused on principles of spiritual awakening and paradigm shifting ideas.

Featured Program
A 12-Week Journey to Realization in All Dimensions of Being
Saturday, March 9th to Saturday, June 1st, 2024
Twelve Weeks
Zoom Video Conferencing
This will be a life changing event. It offers a rare depth of initiation into a path of spiritual work that is built on the wisdom of spiritual traditions from the East and the West. This transdimensional journey will take us from the gross realm of our ordinary waking consciousness, through the subtle realms of the Soul, into the pure awareness of Source.
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An online community of inspired individuals dedicated to spiritual transformation and mutual evolution
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Programs, Workshops and Retreats
You have the opportunity to learn and grow by working throughout the year with our founder Jeff Carreira, as well as a host of other teachers.

An Extensive Resource Library
You will find many audio, video and written resources that illuminate ideas and perspectives that will expand your heart and mind.

Dynamic Mutual Engagement
Our inspired global community creates a warm and supportive environment to engage with likeminded people and find new friends.

Share Your Wisdom with Others
You are encouraged and supported to share the wisdom you have gained on your own journey in our virtual classroom.