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Susan Kullman
with Susan Kullman
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The cognitive work of spiritual practices like meditation is not always enough to unleash the full flowering of our awakened potential. Sometimes we also need to work through emotional and physical constrictions to clear our path to higher awareness. This is the nature of the work you will do with Susan Kulman.

Susan has an extensive background in a wide range of practices that open our bodies and restore our physical, emotional and psychical balance. Working with Susan will open your body, your heart, and your mind, to the energetic life force that animates you and all of existence. The work Susan does is body-centered, but not necessarily in the way you might typically think. The Greek word 'somatics' can translate as bodywork, but it is not limited to the physical manipulation of the body. Somatics means exploring and reorienting to the inner experience of being embodied.

Featured Program
Open your body, heart and mind to the energetic life force that animates you
September 11th - December 4th, 2021
12:00pm - 2:00pm US Eastern Time
Zoom Video Conferencing
“Transcendence is about choosing pleasure over fear. Passion is the fuel which creates. Fear is the fuel that destroys.” – Susan KullmanA few words from Susan KullmanThe Body as a Gateway to Awakening
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