Building Spiritual Rapport
The Transformative Power of Awakened Friendship
Susan Kullman
Recording Available
Sunday, August 6th, 2023

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


In this 90-minute workshop we will explore how we awaken and grow through deep communion with kindred spirits.

The mystic visionary Rudolf Steiner taught that we wake up through encounters with the soul-spiritual element of other people.

We awaken and grow spiritually in the mutual contact with the soul of another.

When souls touch, spiritual love guides us into an experience of mutual recognition that allows us to SEE each other in miraculous ways.

When we build spiritual rapport with another person we are building a connection with the part of them that exists beyond the limits of their current incarnation. We SEE who they really are and we know them far beyond their life on Earth.

We will explore how this depth of soul connection can be cultivated and maintained with people in your life. You will not only learn about spiritual rapport, you will experience it. After receiving all the necessary context and understanding, Susan and I will guide you through exercises that lead to a soul-level-seeing and spiritual rapport.

We will also explore:

  • How soul level connections amplify the process of awakening.
  • How self-knowledge becomes the foundation of spiritual rapport.
  • How to communicate from a naturally arising state of deep compassion.
  • How to remain consistently open and receptive in relationship with others.

The core of the work you will explore in this session will involve learning how to truly see another person, which you will discover starts by being able to truly see yourself.

I hope you will join us.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
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