Unleashing the Awakening Power of the Body
It is not the mind that awakens, it is the whole being
Susan KullmanJeff Carreira
with Susan Kullman and Jeff Carreira
Recording Available
Saturday, February 25th, 2023

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


The body is not just a passive vehicle for consciousness, like a cart that carries wood. The state of our body and the state of our mind are interdependent. Changes in our body change our consciousness. Awakening and enlightenment are not exclusive to the mind. It is not the mind that awakens and becomes enlightened, it is the whole being.

What I find so amazing about the spiritual work offered by Susan Kullman is how precisely she is able to map the process of awakening to shifts in bodily functioning. There are places in our bodies that are left stiff and immobile by the physical habits of modern life. These inner constrictions manifest as emotional pain, mental rigidity, and spiritual blocks. Working with specific areas of the body to create softness and fluidity changes how we think and feel.

Over the time that I have known and learned from Susan, I have discovered how profoundly important it is to pay attention to our bodies as a crucial part of the awakening process.

In this 90-minute workshop Susan and I will speak about the often-untapped power that our bodies have to awaken us to higher levels of vitality and awareness. We will speak about specific areas of the body, the power they hold, and how we can realize its full transformative potential.

This will be an informative and experiential session. You will gain a deeper understanding of the body’s role in the awakening process, and you will engage with light movement practices that demonstrate how the body can be utilized as a tool for awakening.

I hope you will join us.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education