Expanding Consciousness from the Inside Out
Embodiment and the Path of Awakening
Susan Kullman
with Susan Kullman
Recording Available
Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


In this hour-long event, Susan Kullman will join me in an exploration of a path to spiritual enlightenment that passes through the body and into an awakened life.

Spiritual enlightenment is the liberation of the life force energy within us. There is an energy that animates all living things and is the source of all compassion and intelligence.

The goal of enlightenment is to liberate that energy to flow freely through us so that our lives are powered and guided by a profound source of vitality, wisdom and love.

Inevitably the challenges of life cause the life force energy within us to become constricted. We enter into spiritual work in order to realise our full potential by unblocking the freeflow of our life energy.

There are two ways that our life force energy becomes blocked. One is through false ideas that we hold about who we are and how reality works. The other is because of the energetic blocks held in the physical tensions of our bodies. With this in mind we can say that there are two paths to enlightenment - one through the mind, and another through the body.

My teaching work has generally emphasized the path through the mind. The practices of meditation and deep inquiry clear the false ideas and identifications that keep us from realizing our full potential. My colleague and friend, Susan Kullman brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience of the path of enlightenment through the body. She uses subtle body movements and postures to relax the physical tensions that hold emotional blocks. As these tensions resolve, we find that the wisdom and love of a higher source flows freely into our lives.

Join Susan Kullman and me for this 60-minute seminar focused on the path to enlightenment through the body to spiritual fulfillment.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Susan Kullman
Susan Kullman is a spiritual life coach, somatic educator, and yoga therapist and has successfully used the techniques and practices described in her book, Commit To What is, to help transform her own life as well as the lives of many clients and students. Her passion in teaching comes from decades of study in wellness practices, and her love and deep understanding of the body and its soul. For over 20 years , Susan has empowered students to a live a life of intentional health and wellness. A positive, energetic, life force, Susan uses her knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others. Her unparalleled ability to connect and motivate not only comes from her vast education but also compassionately fueled by her own personal journey towards wellness. Susan “walks her talk” with an emphasis on empowerment, evolution, and integration. The cognitive work of spiritual practices like meditation is not always enough to unleash the full flowering of our awakened potential. Sometimes we also need to work through emotional and physical constrictions to clear our path to higher awareness. This is the nature of the work you will do with Susan Kullman. Susan has an extensive background in a wide range of practices that open our bodies and restore our physical, emotional and psychical balance. Working with Susan will open your body, your heart, and your mind, to the energetic life force that animates you and all of existence. The work Susan does is body-centered, but not necessarily in the way you might typically think. The Greek word 'somatics' can translate as bodywork, but it is not limited to the physical manipulation of the body. Somatics means exploring and reorienting to the inner experience of being embodied. w: intentionalwellnessandyogacenter.com
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