Intimacy in Isolation
How Emotional Challenge Can Bring Us Closer
Susan Kullman
with Susan Kullman
Recording Available
Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


In this 60-minute free workshop, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Susan Kullman will show you how the challenging emotions that can arise during these times of social isolation are an opportunity to strengthen our relationships. Relationships can be challenging in the best of times, and under the pressure of the COVID-19 outbreak even more so.

When strong emotions arise between us it can be easy for those to result in misunderstanding, confusion and hurt. In this workshop, you will learn that there is no need to avoid or even adjust the emotions you feel. In fact, it is only by leaving space for them and feeling them that we can emerge on the other side with deeper understanding of ourselves and our loved ones. You will discover that It is never the emotion that is the problem. It is the false conclusions that we draw from them that leads to trouble.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Susan Kullman
Susan Kullman is a spiritual life coach, somatic educator, and yoga therapist and has successfully used the techniques and practices described in her book, Commit To What is, to help transform her own life as well as the lives of many clients and students. Her passion in teaching comes from decades of study in wellness practices, and her love and deep understanding of the body and its soul. For over 20 years , Susan has empowered students to a live a life of intentional health and wellness. A positive, energetic, life force, Susan uses her knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others. Her unparalleled ability to connect and motivate not only comes from her vast education but also compassionately fueled by her own personal journey towards wellness. Susan “walks her talk” with an emphasis on empowerment, evolution, and integration. The cognitive work of spiritual practices like meditation is not always enough to unleash the full flowering of our awakened potential. Sometimes we also need to work through emotional and physical constrictions to clear our path to higher awareness. This is the nature of the work you will do with Susan Kullman. Susan has an extensive background in a wide range of practices that open our bodies and restore our physical, emotional and psychical balance. Working with Susan will open your body, your heart, and your mind, to the energetic life force that animates you and all of existence. The work Susan does is body-centered, but not necessarily in the way you might typically think. The Greek word 'somatics' can translate as bodywork, but it is not limited to the physical manipulation of the body. Somatics means exploring and reorienting to the inner experience of being embodied. w:
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