Mahashivratri – Celebrating Shiva-Shakti

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Shivoham – I AM

Shakti is Shiva’s pure desire and intention.
Their play, a play of the Self.
To know Ishwara’s love for Shakti is to know
All love is Self love.
Tryambakam, his sight, pure and whole.
Adoring all parts of her
Her wholeness is what creates her exuberant dance.
She, forever anchored within him
He, alive and Nataraja because of her.
Yin and Yang
She is his activism. He, her ultimate surrender.
The illuminating Sun Chandrapal to her opal Moon.
Akhileshwara, he is the center around which she dances.
A matter of his vibration.
She births mystery from his void.
A pure receptivity of his benevolence.
She is Shankara’s expansion and he, her resolution.
To love Shiva is to embody Shakti.
To be and see as Shiva is to become and be seen as Shakti.

Bholenath, the innocent one
He lies Avyaya, eternal.
Beyond experience and concepts.
He is Dhyanadeep, the light of meditation.
She, his awareness and experience.
Loving through Anantadhrishti a zillion eyes
Watching her dynamism.
Swallowing her whole.
He disappears into his abyss.
Sarveshwara – He is all there is.

As Jagadisha, he fragments himself as her play.
Here. There. Known. Unknown.
Mahakaal, as created Time.
The manifested world that is her.
A tandava of Shiva-Shakti
Nityapriya. Enthralled in her alluring play.
Seeing the beauty of what is
In the colors of the cloaks donned.

Stillness in movement. Silence in sound.
Neelkantha, he is the pure silence behind her speech.
Steep in the Meditation of your Aumkara Self.
Breathe and invoke her as Prana.
Pranayama is living Shakti.
Meditation is steeping in him as Achintya.
Embodying Shiva-Shakti is a wholehearted loving.
The living of our most whole expansive selves.
He is Sadashiva (Omnipresent) in and as her Mahamaya (Great Illusion).

The process of Pranayama and Meditation is an energetic remembrance. Of what we are as Chiranjeevini.
A way back to our home.
Achyut. That is right here and now.
An apparent unfolding of the being
A continuous experiential evolving and becoming.
Shiva-Shakti is Meditation and Pranayama.
A way back to the omniscient home that we never left.
MahaShivaratri – The greatest darkest nights of all nights.
We praise him, the dark Sanatana
Because of which she plays in light and darkness.
We acknowledge him as us.
Mahamrityunjaya – Deathless
Aja, unknown, unseen, from which known and seen arises.
We acknowledge Adiyogi’s living is the offering that creates what we are in physicality.
A day of remembrance and celebration.
All an echo of the fragrant flowering of I AM.


Shiva-Shakti, a living love

They are one living/loving two worlds…
As two lips that make a divine kiss.
Two eyes that see one sight.
Two legs that walk the same path.
Two hands that come together.
Their union, an orgasmic bliss.
Shiva-Shakti is Life ecstatically lit up.
Shiva-Shakti is pristine stillness in vibrant flow.
A dwelling Ardhanareshwara
Shiva-Shakti is a living-love.

Rapturously free only in his embrace.
She is the sprouting of his Pushkara seed.
The spark of his Satyah source.
He is the medium of all her colors.
The artist of her sublime creativity.
He is the bitten ripe fruit from which her sweet nectar drips.
He is Rudra, the inky fierce dark night to her dawn.
She, an awakening of his deep slumberous sleep.

He is imperturbable Purusha and she, metamorphosing Prakruti.
Behold all parts of their entwined nature.
To love him as Anagha is to love her.
Don't grasp at any parts of her.
You cannot own her.
She is shimmering sand.
Incandescent liquid
She will slip through your fingers
She lives creating time.
Dancing to her tune.
She cannot be contained or controlled.
She has to be trusted.
She cannot be cut apart and dissected.
The knife of a conditioned mind
Knows not what it does.
Live/love her in totality as he does.
She is his beloved.
And is simply to be-loved.

She is this. She is that.
She is kindness. She is wrath.
She is mother. She is Shrishti.
He is Jnanendra, and she his bhakti.
She is prana. She is breath.
She lives, and only she experiences death.
Born from his peace Shantah.
She is creation in process.
She is what you experience as a lot more or a little less.

As a coin flipping in mid air.
She lives both sides.
She is thirst and its satiation.
She is pain and pleasure.
She is that which disgusts.
She, the one who mesmerizes.
She lives. She decays.
She gives and also takes.
In the struggle lies her ease.
In her problem, the solution.
In the confusion and doubt, her clarity.
She arises as it all.

There is no half heartedness in her living.
What part of her do you accept, rejecting an other?
Which side of her do you stand for, fighting the other?
Playing the role she calls on her sacred equanimous ground.
She is the Jagatdharini (World creator).
She is him Lokankara in action.
He is her Kailash at rest.
Lost in her maya she is forgetting.
Waking up to her truth, she is remembrance.

Jai Shiv Shambho!
Shiva-Shakti is Satchitananda.
A harmonious expression and explosion of joy and play!


The song of Shakti

“You are love and I, your beloved.
You are life and I am living.
My love for you is not mine.
It is you loving me.
You, my Maheshwara (Supreme Self)
Are the luminosity of my shapes.
My form, your desire.
My play, your intention.”


महाशिवरात्रि – Mahashivaratri

Mahashivaratri is celebrated every year as the Sun moves into Pisces in the auspicious Hindu month of Magha/Phalguna.
It is a wild, dark night of high frequency energies that arrives just a day before the New Moon.
Mahashivratri: The Great night of Shiva (Consciousness) is a one-day and night celebration where the veil of Maya thins enough to allow higher consciousness to permeate physicality. And therefore is also celebrated as a night of the marriage of Shiva-Shakti. The one who vibrates as Shiva plays as Shakti!

The positioning of the Northern hemisphere on this day/night is such that when we sit erect, it allows the Chakras of our bodies to align with the sacred geometry of the cosmic Chakras. When upright our merudanda (Spine) hailed as the microcosmic axis of the macrocosmic axis receives an extremely high rush of energy, the rate of which is said to be only available on this one night. It is an opportune time to embody and awaken as Shiva himself.
This is a rare event where losing sleep and staying up through the night in meditation is highly recommended for everyone this one day.
For all who participate, this is a day where we make ourselves completely available for this to transpire by fasting, praying, and meditating.
Mahashivratri favors an unfathomable direct experience of spiritual enlightenment and liberation like no other night.
A night of potential and possibility, this celebration is all about realizing and living our highest potential.

Mahashivaratri on Monday, 28th February, 2022 (U.S.A)
If following a ritual of adoration, the Nishita Kaal (Midnight) Pooja time falls between 12:18 AM to 01:08 AM CST on 01st Mar.
If you plan on fasting, you can break your fast on 01st Mar – Shivaratri Parana Time anywhere between 06:57 AM to 01:30 PM CST.
(Time information from here)

To celebrating the journey from ॐ नमः शिवाय OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, where we recognize ourselves as a play of the 5 elements in these body-minds and realizing शिवोऽहम् SHIVOHAM – I AM that which all IS.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Mahashivaratri!

Supriya Kini
Supriya Kini is a kundalini yoga teacher and soon to be a graduate restorative yoga teacher. A writer and storyteller at heart, she is deeply passionate about exploring the mind-body-spirit Self and advocates living the life that we are, in and as awareness. With close to two decades of experience in pranayama, she currently facilitates pranayama and contemplation circles for women and men. In her free time, you may find her reading, writing, singing, gardening, walking in nature, cooking with her kids, or traveling.
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