Awaken from the Ordinary, Live in the Extraordinary
A 5-Day Paradigm Shifting Retreat
Jeff Carreira
with Jeff Carreira
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Monday, August 19th - Friday, August 23rd, 2024

4:00pm Monday to 12:00pm Friday

Highland Lake Cove, Flat Rock, North Carolina.

$1000 - $3400 pp

In this five-day in-person retreat you will work to realize the spiritual power that generates profound inner growth. You will explore how spiritual practice brings us to a space of inner stillness and peace, and how to systematically realize your full potential.

We will set the a foundation of deep meditation and then turn our focus to a higher dimensional unfolding that results in subtle awakenings of the spirit. In the higher realms of spiritual work we move beyond the experience of ordinary reality and learn to facilitate our own awakening. In the earlier stages of the path the focus of the work is on grace and surrender, but as we begin to work in the subtle realms of the soul we learn to embrace a more active role in the awakening process.

When we initially begin on the path we are embedded in our ordinary sense of self. We see ourselves as a conscious human being who is limited to the lifetime of a single physical body. Within that identity there is little we can do to awaken ourselves because adherence to that identity is exactly what we are waking up from.

The first stage of awakening involves finding a way to be perfectly content with the way things are and then giving up control to a process of awakening that unfolds freely and uninhibitedly within us, but this is not the end of spiritual work. Beyond this initial surrender work can begin in the invisible realms of spirit.

The second level of work is what we will focus on during this retreat. Specifically we will open our awareness to the truth of who we are beyond our familiar sense of self and actualize the true spiritual power of the higher dimensions of being.

The work we will engage in begins as we see that beyond our ordinary sense of self and realize that we are a point of awareness existing beyond the bounds of time and space. From this vantage point our meditation leads to a profound state of detached rest. By relaxing into a deep acceptance of the way things you will build a powerful sense of presence in your awareness. The inner vision that becomes available to you is strong enough to pierce through our habitual ways of seeing and feeling and reveal aspects of reality that had previously been invisible to our eyes.

We will use this penetrating gaze to examine every aspect of ordinary experience to see how it is created and maintained by ideas and assumptions that can never be questioned by our limited sense of self. This will be an experiential exploration that stretches us into new sensibilities.

Most importantly, we will discover how to use the power of presence to see the inner workings of spiritual growth and direct ourselves into heightened states of awareness. By exploring these extraordinary states both individually and together we bring a higher and more subtle reality to life between us.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Pursuing Inner Freedom

This retreat is dedicated to the cultivation of profound spiritual clarity and to the miracle of being utterly absorbed in the inner light of awakened mind. Many years ago, I left conventional life to pursue spiritual awakening. I knew that the way I perceived reality was shaped by conscious and unconscious fears, desires and limiting beliefs, and I wanted to see beyond these obscurations.

For decades I pursued the dream of clarity. Time spent on retreat was an important part of my journey. During those times of focused practice, I could cast aside the concerns of life and devote all of my energy to spiritual awakening and deep meditation.

If we are diligent on retreat, our hearts and minds open and become focused. Day after day our perception is increasingly liberated from the influence of fear and we become more and more absorbed in the mysterious inner light that continuously reveals the true majesty of life and the subtle inner workings of the cosmos.

The more our consciousness becomes clear the more clarity we want. Our growing passion for clarity fuels the intensity of our meditation. The intensity of our practice brings greater clarity of mind which inspires even greater intensity of practice. An upward spiral of accelerating awakening has begun. There is no way of knowing how deep any of us can go on a retreat like this. The structure of this retreat has been designed out of everything I’ve learned about what creates the most conducive atmosphere for awakening. I’m thrilled to have the chance to offer this opportunity to you.

Qualities of the Retreat
  • The retreat will be held largely in silence although it will include daily discussions with Jeff.
  • You will engage in silent meditation, guided meditation, contemplation exercises, thought experiments, and journal writing.
  • You will be encouraged not to make contact with anyone outside of the retreat for either personal or business reasons except in cases of emergency.
  • All you have to do is meditate and be taken care of.
On This Retreat We Will Focus On:
The Awareness that is Aware
During this retreat we will use the practice of meditation to strip our awareness of all conceptualization. You will learn to perceive reality directly without the mitigating influence of the mind. As your familiar perceptions dissolve away you will find yourself immersed in the pure knowing of spirit. What you will discover is a deeper source of awareness that allows you to see far beyond the limits of the physical and psychological world.

The Co-Creation of Reality

We will engage in a profound examination of our experience to uncover how our perception of the world is constantly being created and reinforced by our own (and everyone else's) mind. As we uncover the mental mechanisms that hold us in the current dominant paradigm, we will see that our waking life is fundamentally very much like a dream, and how we can unleash profound spiritual power by learning to free ourselves from self-imposed personal and cultural constraints.

Re-Wording Reality

Our journey continues with the exploration of the role that language plays in shaping how we perceive reality. We will explore how words don’t just describe what is real, they create it and continually reinforce it. We will work together to intentionally discover how to use language in ways that change the reality that exists between us. Then we will explore how we can liberate each other by using language that supports our true potential.

The Soul Self

We have all learned to navigate reality through a sense of self that is limited by unquestioned ideas and assumptions that are wedded to only a tiny fraction of who we truly are. On this retreat you will question some of the most foundational ideas you hold and free yourself from any limited sense of identity. You will learn how to creatively rebuild a self-concept that is born in the light of who you truly are as a higher dimensional being - a soul - whose existence spreads far beyond this one single lifetime on planet Earth.

Surrendering into Flow
We will explore a different way of being, in which we do not act as separate things with limited capabilities effortfully exercising our will. Instead, we will move into a way of being born from the recognition that we are not separate from anything. You will see yourself as part of the flow of life and discover how shifts in your inner attitudes and orientations change not just individual events in the world, but the entire flow.

This is an in-person paradigm shifting retreat led by Jeff Carreira in which mornings will be devoted to meditation practice and afternoons to contemplative exercises.

The structure of the retreat allows for focus and concentration, as well as individual and group activities and inquiries.

The retreat begins with registration at 4:00pm on August 19th, followed by dinner at 6:00pm and the opening session at 7:15pm. The retreat will end at 12:00pm on August 23rd.

Each day will begin with silent meditation, followed by breakfast, and a session of spiritual teachings and silent meditation with Jeff.

Each afternoon will be devoted to inquiries, contemplations and exercises that give us the opportunity to explore the spiritual realities that are illuminated during the morning session.

Each evening we will have a Q and A session along with meditation if time allows, that will allow you to explore your experience and ask any questions that come up during the day.

Daily Schedule
(Actual retreat schedule may vary)
  • 7:00am to 7:45am Silent Meditation
  • 8:00am to 9:15am Breakfast
  • 9:30am to 12:45pm Teaching and Meditation
  • 1:00pm to 2:45pm Lunch
  • 3:00pm to 5:45pm Paradigm Shifting Explorations
  • 6:00pm to 6:45pm Silent Meditation
  • 7:00pm to 8:00pm Dinner
  • 8:15pm to 9:30pm Q & A and Meditation
Retreat Location

The location for this retreat is the incredible Highland Lake Cove, Flat Rock, North Carolina. You can find their website here.

Highland Lake Cove is a uniquely nourishing setting where you will be sustained by the natural beauty of the land, the garden-centered cuisine and the stewardship of a caring staff dedicated to the awakening and full blossoming of the human spirit.

Accommodation options include simple private rooms in The Retreat House, luxury private rooms in garden cottages, and simple shared cabins. Set on 58 acres, the property also includes a small working farm, gardens, walking trails, and a 30 acre lake.

All meals, snacks and tea and coffee will be provided.

Pendle Hill is committed to maintaining a safe environment due to ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of that effort they currently require all guests of Pendle Hill to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to wear masks in the common spaces of the campus. The staff of Pendle Hill are continually monitoring the situation with the pandemic and may alter their requirements before the date of our retreat, but until we are notified otherwise, we will assume that their current requirements will hold in December. For more information about all guest requirements and the COVID-19 mitigating amenities Pendle Hill offers see their COVID-19 Information page here.

The below notice is taken directly from the Pendle Hill website.

Expectations of Guests: Effective March 1, 2022:

All guests of Pendle Hill are required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 in advance of coming to campus.

All guests are required to complete a waiver and a pre-arrival screening no more than 24 hours prior to arriving on campus. See the Waiver & Screening section of our FAQ page for more information on this form’s contents and ramifications.

We encourage all guests to take a COVID test of any type (PCR, rapid, at home) within 48 hours of arrival on campus. This may be a requirement for some Pendle Hill offerings.

Please see our Guest Expectations in COVID-19 Mitigation FAQ for more information about any of the above expectations.

What past retreat participants said about their experience...

"We were able to only do three days of this event. But the impact for me was most profound. On our day 4, integration day an awareness of the Truth arose in me and left me totally flummoxed. Just what I have been working for, for so many years. I am truly a different person than the one who started the retreat last Friday. Profound gratitude to Jeff and the team."

~ W. Francis.

"The daily teaching, Q&A's and and meditation sessions were so powerful , they brought such calm and flow to me and in turn to my family. Jeff's teaching enabled me reach greater depth in my meditations as each day passed."

~ T. Bird.

"The retreat was eye opening and life-changing, giving me a new understanding of me as a soul, and deepening my relationship with it. Giving all day to meditation for a few days, rather than an hour a day for a prolonged period, has brought changes in me that are indescribable. I did not want it end!"

~ J. Aebi.

"This retreat was a wonderful and profound experience of sinking into the depth of Being. Experiencing blissful happiness and liberation, just abiding there, without needing anything. Even in the face of challenges from outside, like a noisy neighourhood."

~ J. van den Bogaard.

"The retreat came at the perfect time in my life. It was the calm at the end of an internal and external storm that led to deep insights and deepening Awareness of my True Self. Jeff has an ability to transmit deep truths that find a home in soul."

~ M. Earlenbaugh.

"Jeff’s instructions and felt his passion to lead us into a available view of the world and ourselves. My life is so completely different. I’m looking out with Cosmic Eyes now... Wow So simple and so wonderful. Thank you Jeff"

~ N. Torrence.

"There is an intermediate world, a world of Idea-Images, of archetypal figures, of subtle substances, of "immaterial matter." This world is as real and objective, as consistent and subsistent as the intelligible and sensible worlds; it is an intermediate universe "where the spiritual takes body and the body becomes spiritual."
~ Henry Corbin, French philosopher and theologian
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This retreat has sold out.
If you would like to go on the waitlist, please email Sophie at
This retreat is sold out
If you would like to go on the waitlist, please email Sophie at
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
After this date all prices will go up by $100.
Register Here - $2200

The earlybird discount of $100 ends midnight, June 30th, 2024. After this date all prices will increase by $100.

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Luxury Garden Cottages

Private two bedroom cottages with full kitchens, laundry, indoor & outdoor living spaces. All amenities are provided including bedding, linens, towels, dishes, cookware and more. Price includes all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and accommodation during the entire retreat.

Private room with private bath:
$3400 / per person
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
Shared room with shared bath:
$2200 / per person
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
The Retreat House
Each room has a sink and mirror, a glider rocking chair, a desk with chair and a twin bed. Towels, linens are provided for each room. The Retreat House also a communal kitchen. Prices includes all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and accommodation during the entire retreat.

Private room, queen bed with private bath:
$3200 / per room
(Suitable for one person or a couple).

Private room, twin bed with shared bath:
$1800 / per person

Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
Shared room, 2 x twin beds with shared bath:
$1600 / per person (MALE ONLY)
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
Lakeside Cabins
Each cabin has two twin beds, towels, linens, extra blankets, suit-case stand, small clothes storage unit, AC Unit & base-board heating. Prices includes all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and accommodation during the entire retreat.
Shared room, 2 x twin beds with shared bath:
$1400 / per person
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
Includes all meals and retreat tuition. Does not include accommodation.
$1000 / per person
Earlybird pricing ends June 25th.
Cancellation and Refund Policy

This retreat has sold out.
If you would like to go on the waitlist, please email Sophie at
This retreat is sold out
If you would like to go on the waitlist, please email Sophie at
Register Here - $2200

Cancellations made on or before May 31st, 2024 will receive an automatic 50% refund. If the retreat subsequently sells out and your place is resold, you will receive a full refund minus $100 administration fee.

Cancellations made on or between June 1st and July 31st, 2024 there is no refund. If the retreat subsequently sells out and your place is resold, you will receive a full refund minus $100 administration fee.

For cancellations made on or after August 1st, 2024 no refunds will be available.