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Awakening Through the Body
Issue: 15 | August 15, 2023
From the Editors

In this issue we explore some of the ways that we can awaken through the body. Spiritual awakening or enlightenment is sometimes assumed to be mainly a cognitive expansion into higher perception, vision, and knowledge, but it is also always an opening in our bodies that allows more of the vital force of life to live through us.

We speak with two teachers who are focused on the energetic awakening of bodily wisdom. First is Dr. Lawrence Edwards who teaches kundalini awakening in the Hindu tradition, and second is Jody Mountain who teaches in the Hawaiian indigenous tradition of Ancient Lomi Lomi.

Our conversation continues with three powerful contributions from members of The Mystery School who are involved with spiritual work in which the body is central, Adriana Colotti Comel, K.D. Meyers, and Judith Marsden.

Lady Tavedikul of Thailand is our featured artist for the issue and we are happy to include two poems by Liesbeth deJong and Charles Glass, two more members of The Mystery School.

As you read through this issue we encourage you to contemplate how the awakening of awareness is always coupled with a corresponding awakening of the energies of the body.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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