Bridges of Golden Light

Multidimensional Experiences - My Piece of the Cosmic Puzzle
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This spiritually illuminating book is a delight to read. It takes you on the author's journey of freedom and higher awareness. You will witness the gradual unfolding of an awakening that opened her to the mysteries of energy healing and enlightenment. The book is only part biographical, it is also a detailed exploration of higher wisdom that reveals hard won insights and understanding that can dramatically transform your life. It is written in an engaging style that weaves together story, explanation, and poetry into a seamless whole. The book itself is a spiritual journey that will take you through the inevitable darkness of human life into the exhilarating heights of divinity. In these pages you will discover the deeper significance and purpose of being here, on this planet, at the auspicious time. You are invited into a portal that leads to a higher dimension or reality where time and space do not exist. In that expansive space, you will become intimate with your deepest self and reflect on the purpose that is already beginning to shine through you. The wisdom of this book offers a loving framework through which a profound understanding of yourself and the world around you emerges. Please read this book as a spiritual practice. Each time you engage with it, allow the words to wash over you and gently unlock the mystery of human existence. As you read, the light of illumination will shine through the words leaving you inspired and uplifted.
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Mystery School Press
Adriana Colotti Comel
Adriana Colotti Comel is a first-time author, sociologist, ceramist, practitioner and teacher of energy psychology. Passionate of spiritual journaling and poetry writing, she loves to build bridges of light with others for a more enlightened life. She lives in Mexico City and is devoted to her soul development as an artist of possibility as she continues to articulate and share her discoveries of higher dimensions.
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