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Dreaming Yourself Awake
Issue: 16 | November 15, 2023
From the Editors

In this issue we explore the awakening power of sleep and dreams through interviews with a number of respected teachers and practitioners. In modern Western psychology dreams are generally seen as a reflection of our deep unconscious that often reveal hidden aspects of our psyche. The mystical traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism both contain bodies of practice designed to maintain conscious awareness during sleep and dreaming.

Our exploration begins with Athena Laz, a spiritual dream teacher and trained psychologist who speaks about the interpretation of dreams and the power of lucid dreaming. This is followed by four interviews with teachers of the Hindu practice of yoga nidra.

We were honored to speak with yogic adept Sri Dharma Mittra who shared from his long history teaching yoga nidra, and we also spoke with Rosalie e’Silva about how yoga nidra can be used as a portal to astral travel.

The next two interviews feature yoga teachers, Cheryl Van Sciver and Marcee Ballantyne, who have both been deeply impacted by their practice of yoga nidra and now share it with their students.

The featured artist for this issue is Davinia Giretto whose beautiful expressions of the invisible hold the energy of the magical space between waking and sleeping.

This issue also features many contributions from members of The Mystery School that demonstrate the power of dreams to transform our lives and awaken our hearts and minds.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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