Phil Moore
Phil Moore
Author | Teacher
New Paradigm Education
Cultivating joy, curiosity and an insatiable love of life

Over four decades, Phil Moore developed a profound and inspired learning community. This culture developed a synergetic collaboration between the staff members that transcended most traditional models of educational institutions. The students, ages 4 to 14 were nurtured to cultivate joy, curiosity and an insatiable love of life. The first graduates are now successful adults, showing the flowering of their youthful potential.

Phil also led a team to raise 1.5 million dollars to secure a total of 31 acres of land, build 5 innovative structures, develop renewable energy production for the majority of their needs, and provide retirement income for their Dignity Teachers who have given over 30 years of service. Phil is currently developing a team of Conscious Teachers to guide and innovate new initiatives through He and his wife Karen raised two amazing children both of whom attended the school full term. They are blessed with five wonderful grandchildren.