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Being Well
Issue: 7 | July 15, 2021
From the Editors

In this issue we take a holistic look at what it means to be well. The pandemic of the past year has made it crystal clear that none of us can take our health for granted. Many of us have a renewed desire to be as healthy as possible, but what does that mean? Ideas of well-being in the West are often overly simplified and compartmentalized. The articles you find here explore how w e can maintain the health of our whole being, inside and out, including our physical, mental, and energetic bodies.

The issue opens with Supriya Kini's poetic description of the Hindu breathwork practice of Pranayama. Then we travel from the wisdom tradition of India to the indigenous wisdom of Hawaii where Jody Mountain shares the worldview of Ancient Lomi Lomi bodywork. Robyn Landis show s us how self-care can become a practice of sacred devotion in which we love the divine by loving ourselves. And in our last feature article, Susan Kullman shares an excerpt from her forthcoming book to illuminate how our emotions intersect with our bodies.

In addition to these features, you w ill find beautiful and illuminating contributions from our members and friends. As always, it has been a joy to envision this issue for you and to offer perspectives, insights and practices with life- altering potential. And we are grateful to this month's featured artist, Kathy Edwards. Kathy currently lives in Maine, but her paintings expand beyond any physical borders, revealing universal visions of nature and the human spirit.


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