Writing Your Epic Journey
How to see the extraordinary in your own (seemingly) ordinary life
Amy Edelstein
with Amy Edelstein
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Three Lessons

Email Series


Do you love to journal? Do you often want to write but are afraid it’s going to take too much time? Are you worried you might be too rusty? Do you doubt you have anything of value to say?

If so, you are not alone.

Even accomplished writers struggle with self-doubt, critical mindsets, and self-sabotage of their own passion, all attitudes that can silence a story which is just waiting to be brought to life. Even though I’d written five books before my latest memoir Adventure in Zanskar, I delayed writing that book for years. I wanted an open window of time before me and it wasn’t going to happen. My non-profit takes a lot of time and energy and my schedule just wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. I wasn’t sure if this story would be of interest to anyone else. I didn’t know if I had enough to say.

Once I started writing, the book wrote itself. I loved the process. I felt alive when writing. The story animated my dreams. I couldn’t wait for the half hour here or the fifteen minutes there to keep working on it.

Then when the book was released and people of vastly different generations said they felt like it spoke to them. It gave them encouragement and inspiration. My heart sang. That was everything I’d hoped for. Sure, I had a great story to tell. But I wanted others to feel uplifted, empowered, excited by the possible in their own lives.

This is the magic of allowing the creative process to fulfill itself.

I experienced such a gift, allowing the story to unfold and I realized that so many people have similar stories. So many people wait for years when they could be experiencing that freedom and fulfillment now. That’s why I decided to share these three keys with you.

In this program, you’ll work with three fundamental steps that will set up the foundation for you to write your own epic journey.

Everyone has a story to tell. When you allow your own story to come to life, you will feel uplifted, and that updraft can have the power to touch hearts and change lives.

I hope you enjoy the process,

The Three Keys you will work with:
Key #1: The Key to Finding Your Story
Learning to allow an experience to come to the forefront so you bypass the self-doubt about whether what you want to write about is worthy.
Key #2: The Key to Your Own Passion
Uncovering significance for yourself so you care about your story and can nurture it into full flowering.
Key #3: The Key to Connecting with Others
Recognizing the universality of the human experience. Below the surface, the details, our human experience is on the same continuum, when you can share what truly matters to you, others will resonate.
What's Included:
  • Three emails inviting you into the process of identifying an experience to write about and getting you started on the process. These are delivered via email every two days.
  • Three worksheets so you can respond to the writing prompts and keep your work organized and flowing.
Whether you are an experienced writer or you stopped storytelling when you were in grade school, these three steps will help unleash your own sense of meaning, significance, and connection to the creative process.
On Reading Amy’s Books

“There’s functional writing, then there’s writing that sings. When I opened Amy’s book, I felt like I was seeing, hearing, and tasting her experience right along with her."

~ L.M., New York

“Amy’s words aren’t just inspiring. They transmit a quality I can’t quite describe, whatever it is, it makes me feel alive."

~ F. J., Canada

"“What can I say? That babe can write!"

~ F.A., California

“Reading Amy’s memoir gave me insight into the exact things I’ve been struggling with this past year. Even though we lived in very different situations, seeing how she thought about her experience gave me relief and clarity. It made such a huge difference.”

~ B.R., Colorado

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Amy Edelstein
Amy Edelstein is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She is the author of six books, including the IPPY award-winning, bestseller The Conscious Classroom. Recipient of a Philadelphia Social Innovation Award for her nonprofit Inner Strength Education, Amy has developed a potent curriculum of mindfulness & systems thinking, empowering more that 17,000 Philadelphia high school students. Find out more about her work at InnerStrengthEducation.org and TheConsciousClassroom.com
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