Entering the Magic and Mystery of Now (Virtual)
A 7-Day Silent Virtual Meditation Retreat
Jeff Carreira
with Jeff Carreira
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Tuesday 13th - Monday 19th December, 2022

7 x 60min Teachings

Online via Recordings


In-person spaces for my long meditation retreat in December are sold out, but you can still join the retreat virtually from home. You can’t completely duplicate an in person retreat at home, but you might be surprised how powerful it can be. Past virtual retreat participants have consistently spoken of the profoundly transformative affect of participating from home.

The unique instructions and guidance that emerge during a live retreat offer a powerful opportunity for spiritual breakthrough and growth.

Retreats support you to optimize and maintain focus and concentration. They also provides a space to reflect and contemplate on the experiences you have. The combination of focus and space can accelerate your transition from ordinary consciousness to the miracle of awakened awareness.

This retreat is 7-days long and includes hourlong teachings each morning. As a virtual participant you will receive audio recordings of all 7 teachings, plus recorded answers to any of your questions.

You will also receive suggestions for how to create your own home retreat with the recordings, and an invitation to participate in a post retreat discussion with me.

If you feel called to experience the wisdom that will undoubtedly emerge during this retreat you can register for virtual access for only $150.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education

Entering the Magic and Mystery of Now

On this retreat we will focus our attention on remaining present to the immediate reality of now.

Our culture has trained us to experience life through the lens of time. We imagine that life unfolds on a trajectory that leads from the past to the future, but deep meditation reveals that only the present exists. Now is all there is.

We’ve all heard about the ‘power of now,’ and we were told decades ago to ‘be here now,’ but how often are we actually profoundly present to the reality of what is?

Yes, we’ve all experienced moments of the magic and mystery of now. We’ve fallen into deep experiences of presence where we felt fully alive and anything seemed possible.

What will happen when you don’t just briefly touch a moment like this, but you learn to rest in it effortlessly for a sustained amount of time?

I can tell you what happens. Miracles happen.

In the experience of sustained rest in the reality of now, we experience a profound cascade of insight and revelation about who we are and how reality works. Our inner eyes open to new worlds of possibility and our existence here on Earth finally makes profound sense.

There is no past and no future, there is only now. On this retreat you will receive the focus and guidance you need to rest effortlessly in the present moment and invite all of its magic and mystery to guide you.

As each day passes you will find yourself more deeply immersed in the immediacy of the present. You will relax and discover that meditation is effortless.

As you continue to rest in direct contact with what is, your senses and perceptions will open up. Subtle spiritual realities will become increasingly obvious and distinct.

You will leave this retreat changed in an essential way. You will still be yourself, but you will be different.

Outwardly you might look the same, but you will know that you have lived, and can continue to live, from a completely different source.

Qualities of the Retreat
  • The retreat will be held in silence – 24 hours a day – for the entire retreat.
  • We will engage in practice sessions throughout each day from early morning into the evening.
  • You will be encouraged not to make contact with people outside of the retreat for either personal or business reasons except in cases of emergence.
  • You will not need to keep track of time as bells will be used to wake you in the morning, to indicate the start and finish of each session during the day, and to signal the end of the day.
  • All you have to do is meditate and be taken care of.

This structure will give you the opportunity to totally surrender to your practice. You will have the sacred luxury of being able to let go of all reference points so that your consciousness can expand in ways it never has before.

What We Will Explore on this Retreat
Allowing Meditation to be Effortless

Our initial emphasis on this retreat will be building a habit of effortlessness in meditation. In order to harness the full spiritual power of your practice, ease of being must become your habitable way of relating to it. To practice meditation we should simply rest in contentment, but most of us turn meditation into an activity. We try to be peaceful or we work at being relaxed by pushing thoughts and feelings away. If we are working at meditation we will inevitably develop a habit of working at meditation and it will never become easy that way. On this retreat you will be encouraged to be easy in meditation so that a habit of effortlessness begins to grow in your practice. In the context of a silent retreat it is possible to develop this habit very quickly and soon your experience of meditation will be easy and free.

Growing from Attainment to Realization

Once we have developed a strong habit of peace and ease of being, our meditation practice will be easy and free. We will be able to sit for longer and longer periods of time remaining effortlessly attentive to the reality of now. On this retreat, you will discover that this is as far as your own effort can take you, but it is not as far as you can go. If you spend time sitting in peaceful meditation eventually your awareness will slip into a profound recognition of your True Self. At that point you will see that the easy, open awareness you are experiencing is all that you are. You are not a thing that has awareness, you are the awareness itself and you always have been. At this point you will no longer be able to make a distinction between practicing and not practicing, and it will feel like you are in a constant state of meditation.

Creative Illumination and the Path of Spiritual Breakthrough

Once we have established a constant state of peaceful calm abidance a new journey can begin. Until we find a way to stop struggling against the way things are, we will be preoccupied with our problems and unavailable for spiritual illumination. When we rest effortlessly in easy, open awareness we are ready for a breakthrough. On this retreat you will learn how to gently navigate into the spiritual potentials that exist in the space of open awareness without moving from that peaceful inner state at all. When you learn how to rest perfectly while following the path of breakthrough that arise in your experience, miracles begin to happen. The journey of awakening progresses naturally as long as we remain at rest and are always ready to go wherever the path leads. During these seven days you will have the chance to follow the path of spiritual breakthrough into exciting new spiritual potentials.


This is a silent retreat led by Jeff Carreira, with hourlong teachings each morning. As a virtual participant you will be following along one day behind the in-person retreat.

The structure of the retreat allows for focus and concentration, as well as inner reflection and contemplation. Suggested schedules will be provided so you can create your own home retreat with the recordings.

Each hourlong teaching recording will be posted to the online portal in the following timeline:

  • December 13th: You will receive the opening evening teaching
  • December 14th: You will receive the first morning teaching
  • December 15th: You will receive the second morning teaching
  • December 16th: You will receive the third morning teaching
  • December 17th: Fourth Morning Teaching
  • December 18th: You will receive the fifth morning teaching
  • December 19th: You will receive the final teaching
  • January 7th @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm US Eastern time: Follow Up Call
Retreat Location

The retreat is being held at Online via Recordings. Pendle Hill features a beautiful campus with facilities that allow us to use only single room accomodation which will provide peace of mind as we move out of the critical phase of a pandemic.

During the retreat you will enjoy highly nutritious vegetarian meals lovingly prepared three times a day, and there will be tea, coffee and snacks available as well.

Pendle Hill is committed to maintaining a safe environment due to ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of that effort they currently require all guests of Pendle Hill to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to wear masks in the common spaces of the campus. The staff of Pendle Hill are continually monitoring the situation with the pandemic and may alter their requirements before the date of our retreat, but until we are notified otherwise, we will assume that their current requirements will hold in December. For more information about all guest requirements and the COVID-19 mitigating amenities Pendle Hill offers see their COVID-19 Information page here.

The below notice is taken directly from the Pendle Hill website.

Expectations of Guests: Effective March 1, 2022:

All guests of Pendle Hill are required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 in advance of coming to campus.

All guests are required to complete a waiver and a pre-arrival screening no more than 24 hours prior to arriving on campus. See the Waiver & Screening section of our FAQ page for more information on this form’s contents and ramifications.

We encourage all guests to take a COVID test of any type (PCR, rapid, at home) within 48 hours of arrival on campus. This may be a requirement for some Pendle Hill offerings.

Please see our Guest Expectations in COVID-19 Mitigation FAQ for more information about any of the above expectations.

What past silent retreat participants said about their experience...

"We were able to only do three days of this event. But the impact for me was most profound. On our day 4, integration day an awareness of the Truth arose in me and left me totally flummoxed. Just what I have been working for, for so many years. I am truly a different person than the one who started the retreat last Friday. Profound gratitude to Jeff and the team."

~ W. Francis.

"The daily teaching, Q&A's and and meditation sessions were so powerful , they brought such calm and flow to me and in turn to my family. Jeff's teaching enabled me reach greater depth in my meditations as each day passed."

~ T. Bird.

"The retreat was eye opening and life-changing, giving me a new understanding of me as a soul, and deepening my relationship with it. Giving all day to meditation for a few days, rather than an hour a day for a prolonged period, has brought changes in me that are indescribable. I did not want it end!"

~ J. Aebi.

"This retreat was a wonderful and profound experience of sinking into the depth of Being. Experiencing blissful happiness and liberation, just abiding there, without needing anything. Even in the face of challenges from outside, like a noisy neighourhood."

~ J. van den Bogaard.

"The retreat came at the perfect time in my life. It was the calm at the end of an internal and external storm that led to deep insights and deepening Awareness of my True Self. Jeff has an ability to transmit deep truths that find a home in soul."

~ M. Earlenbaugh.

"Jeff’s instructions and felt his passion to lead us into a available view of the world and ourselves. My life is so completely different. I’m looking out with Cosmic Eyes now... Wow So simple and so wonderful. Thank you Jeff"

~ N. Torrence.

Experience the Miracle of Awakened Awareness...

The virtual retreat price is $150 per person.

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