Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra Oracle Book I

A tool of divination for your spiritual evolution
Content by Jeff Carreira
Designed by Ibiza Tarot
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The Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra Oracle Book I is a 22 card deck designed to be used as a divination tool for spiritual awakening. Each card contains a short phrase that becomes a seed for contemplation.

These cards contain essential wisdom from the first book of Pantajali’s famous Yoga Sutras as interpreted by Jeff Carreira. These cards are decorated with images from a hatha yoga manual called The Joga Pradīpikā (A Small Light on Yoga) originally published in India in 1830.

Written approximately 1800 years ago, the four books of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras are one of the earliest accounts of the theory and practice at the heart of yoga. The wisdom offered on the cards describe the practices and capacities that, according to Pantanjali, must be developed on the path of Self-realization.

How To Use This Deck
Use this deck to deepen your yoga practice and support your spiritual growth.

  • Prior to starting your yoga practice pull one card from the deck and focus on the wisdom it contains. Keep the wisdom of the card in mind throughout your practice.
  • Choose one card randomly each morning to use as a focus for contemplation. Contemplate the wisdom of the card and write about your understanding of it in a journal. Recall the wisdom of the card repeatedly throughout the day and reread your journal entry from the morning and add any additional insights you’ve had throughout the day.
  • Spread out all of the cards in order (1-24) and study them as steps on the path to realization.
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