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Noreen Hamilton

Hi Susan - sorry to bother you but could you please say where I can find the list of descriptions for feeling our emotions in the body that you had posted some weeks ago? Can't seem to find it ..........
Thank you!

Adriana Colotti Comel

Hi everyone, just wanted you to know that I am going to be travelling and I'll be missing some classes live. See you when I am back on October 11. Much love and light to all.

Susan Kullman

Hi Everyone,
I hope this finds you doing well!
This Saturday we will be exploring the deep somatic work of the psoas.
Please be prepared to move and bring your deflated ball to class.
Please have a quite comfortable place to move and wear clothing that you can move freely in.
We will have discussion and movement.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Melinda Shelton

Hi Susan - did I hear you say in one of the calls that around 40% of our conditioning comes from the mothers vibrations in the womb? I've tried to find it in the transcripts but no luck. Many thanks.

Susan Kullman

Hi Everyone!
Our next 4-hour workshop is Sept 9th. Please be prepared for some body work.
This workshop will include information and physical practice.
Looking forward to it!
Love Susan

Susan Kullman

Hi Everyone,

I hope is finds you well!
This is just a reminder to bring your book: Commit To What Is" to the monthly Module three session on Saturday, August 12th.
Hope to see you all in the movement class this Thursday!


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