NameMiriam Kashia
Question / Comment

Jeff, you asked us to contemplate what we've realized, learned, and are taking away from this 30 days:

- Confirmation that I am (already) AWAKE and have always been. Now I can clearly see and affirm it.
- Diminished focus on mental meanderings and more awareness of Awareness.
- Reduced stress, anxiety and sadness in my life.
- Confirmation that the "Search" is over. Done.
- More care about my lifestyle with regard to Nourishing my Soul (Ex. what I choose to read)
- Increased capacity to accept "what is" during and beyond meditation without it being problematic.
- A deep, underlying , subtle and pervasive sense of peace, contentment and joy that surfaces as gentle tears and release.

For all this and so much more - I am grateful to you, to our Community of participants, and to the Divine.