NameKathleen Mezoff
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In light of our discussions of soul development through these 30 days, I feel compelled to share this quote I read today from John O'Donohue's ANAM CARA (p. 49). It may be valuable for contemplation for others, as it is for me:

"Your body is, in essence, a crowd of different members who work in harmony to make your belonging in the world possible. We should avoid the false dualism that separates the soul from the body. The soul is not simply within the body, hidden somewhere within its recesses. The truth is rather the converse. Your body is in the soul, and the soul suffuses you completely. Therefore, all around you there is a secret and beautiful soul-light. This recognition suggests a new art of prayer: Close your eyes and relax into your body. Imagine a light all around you, the light of your soul. Then with your breath, draw that light into your body and bring it with your breath through every area of your body. ... are bringing the soul-light, the shadowed shelter that surrounds you, right into the physical earth and clay of your presence."

This seems to me to fit so beautifully into the concept of the awareness that is aware before birth, and after death. Mystery!