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Thank you Daniel for sharing your Oracle card experience which has prompted me to share mine. I received my cards a week or so before MoM started. Each night I shuffled the cards, would select one, not look at it but put it under my pillow so I would sleep on it and then read it in the morning. I still do that!
What blew me away was before Jeff made his selection in the run of say 8 or 9 days I selected the card "Are you finished or Are you still trying" 4 times!!! So when Jeff announced that card as the one he pulled as our Guide card for the meditation I was obviously bowled over!
This leads me to a comment I want to make regarding Jennifer's comment yesterday.
Just a wee bit of background. I have been on the spiritual path for 22 years. and dipped my toes into mediation several times but always left the pond before I got too wet! I found it difficult and decided I wasn't any good at it. Obviously there was a skill set required I didn't have. 🙂
When I saw Jeff's 30 day course I decided to give it one more go before I threw in the proverbial towel.
I'm delighted to say I am sticking with it and enjoy being part of this group. I love all the questions and appreciate everyone who contributes.
I don't know if I would get any gold stars for my meditation but there is a marked difference in my daily life to the point I sometimes wonder, "Who is this?"
The reason I am giving a bit of background Jennifer is to let you know this is not coming from a master meditator or anything close to it. You mentioned yesterday, and I can't recall the word or phase you used, but you were perhaps a bit suspicious about "peak experiences".
I never had any peak experiences in meditation probably because I never stuck with it long enough but I wanted to share with you what I have had.
I could give you an impressive list of personal experiences that didn't involve meditation or any "substances" that by themselves are mind blowing.
What I do know without any question is there are other dimensions beyond our experience in what we refer to as our ordinary or familiar life. When I had these experiences they were always surprising, unexpected and even startling!
As I write this I am reminded of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" when Hamlet says to his good friend Heratio; "There are more things in heaven and Earth Heratio, /Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

While I may not call my experiences "peak", I am convinced without any doubt we probably don't know the half of what we think we know!

And finally, I just want to say I recently bought Jeff's book, "The Soul of a New Self". and if there is anyone who hasn't read it, it is without question an absolute page turner!

Love to All
Lynda Casey