Chris Lander
Date CreatedJuly 28, 2022

Thank you Leslie and Lisa. I, also, have found spontaneous writing a wonderful practice of being in relationship from a surrendered place of depth. Allowing the flow of inspiration through me and deeply listening to this same flow through others. Beautiful!
My words in response to the same prompt mentioned in Leslie’s share:

Faith? The recognition that everything is actually perfect just as it is. It can be no other way. You already are free, right here, right now. All these ideas you have about attaining something, getting somewhere - they’re just ideas. Truly, what you are looking for, is what is looking! This is so funny when I experience this truth!
And when I’m not experiencing it, it’s still true.

I have a deep yearning to surrender to this truth. It feels world shattering. There is nothing to hold on to - it’s scary!, AND it feels like the most truly AUTHENTIC path I can choose in this precious, mysterious life.

What is time? Everything I speak about happens NOW. Embrace this mystery. Give yourself to this.

Vulnerability. Presence. Love.