Lisa Cary
Date CreatedJuly 25, 2022

As Leslie shared our groups spontaneous writing has been a way for us to "strengthen the muscle" of accessing our depth and then writing from there, then giving it voice. It's been extremely powerful for me to hear what wisdom people share from that place. Here is my writing in response to the question Leslie posted below:
The love in my heart is the constant whisper to relax so deeply back into the arms of the Mother....the Mother who gazes adoringly into my open, innocent eyes and smiles at all my follies and strivings, loving me as my Divine essence. Her love magnetically draws me into wholeness.....She sees no flaw, no lack, no separation. I dissolve in Her arms.....closer than close, sharing one heartbeat, one breath, the sweetness of which refreshes every cell of my living body. Her tender touch, so delicate....almost imperceptible fills my soul with a cosmic electricity. This love......This near to my far from my mind. This love is freely given ....I let go and allow her loving arms to be my eternal cradle.