Leslie Raznick
Date CreatedJuly 25, 2022

We've been doing spontaneous writing in our small group. We felt we'd like to share it with you all. Today Marilyn read a few quotes and then we used this prompt:

"Explore the love in your heart that compels you on the path".

Here is what I wrote spontaneously....

I am that. There is no separation. And the separation I fell is that too.
Felt separation within - No separation. There is no difference.

I am compelled by what I am. I am here to stand for truth, and that is love of all that is.

I am a messenger, a daughter of benevolent stillness smiling down upon us all. The gift of knowing this compels me to share.

I can only be what I truly am. All other appearances are a facade of illusion, as if seeing through a lens.

And that is human.

Nothing is wrong. There is no need for change. Know you are already fully who you are. Honor that. Bow to that. Rise up.

The passion play of life's stage is just for viewing. It is not for your undivided attention. Let it go. It is unimportant to study the acts.

Look, feel deeper. Stillness. You are that.

It is wide, with no end. There is nothing to know. Be