NameLisa Cary

Hi Jeff,
I am loving your course and have been embracing the practices wholeheartedly. As I practice the art of conscious contentment and gratitude for this moment I find my drive to "do" and "achieve" is falling away. I have achieved and done so much in life. There's nothing else I want to "do"and I have a hard time showing up for my work as a bodyworker. I long to just "BE" and sit in meditation and be unengaged with the world. If there's one passion I have it's to BE a healing presence in the world in a way that doesn't involve me physically working on people. I'm so done with fixing people's body pain issues. The new way this passion wants to express itself has not emerged yet so I'm in this in-between place where the old no longer satisfies and the new has yet to come forward. I would so love some direction. Thank you. Lisa

Jeff's Answer

Hello Lisa,

This is what I would suggest. I would look at your situation with the eyes of deep gratitude. You have, probably for some time now, been able to work and earn a living doing something that you loved (at least at one time) and was deeply meaningful to you. Think about how few people can honestly say that in this world. Allow yourself to feel grateful for the privilege that you have received.

Gratitude for what we have is what creates the space for something new!

Frustration about not knowing what's next keeps us stuck where we are....

That’s my opinion...give it a try for the next few weeks.