NameKathryn Aitken

Hi Jeff, I am loving the experience, support, joy and challenge of this celebration! It all feels very nourishing. Thank you in particular for sharing about collective awakening both during our online sessions and in your response here to Polly. I am feeling my inner being wanting to better understand and respond. But I have a simpler question for you today about the quote in the manual on Day 16 about gratitude. I love connecting with gratitude, and resonated with most of the quote. I am having difficulty though with “it turns chaos to order, and confusion to clarity”. I imagine it has to do with being in the present moment, but would you mind giving me an example or describing this with other words. Many thanks. Kathy

Jeff's Answer

Hello Kathy,

I didn't take this particular quote too literally. What it expresses for me is how looking through the lens of abunandance changes everything and turns everything upside down from the way it looks through the lens of scaricity. But it is true that that looking through the lens of abundance does make some of the confusing feelings that we have had suddenly make sense. I would take this one generally to simply point to the fact that abunadnce changes everything.