NameLana Noel

Dear Jeff, first - thank you for the wonderful container you are creating for us to do this work. The group and our process feels really well held to me.

Second - a question: As I look for my greatest passion, that which I love doing the most, my response is: I have several things that fit the bill. Creative endeavors mostly, of differing kinds, as well as my work. I wonder, how will I choose, and should I choose, just one?

Or maybe I don’t choose because they all belong to one single passion: I love to create beauty. And this IS something I could be doing in each moment (because it could be defined so many ways)...but are we intended to find a single deeper calling? I am already offering service in a number of ways to the communities I’m in. And still I question whether I am LIVING MY PASSION and fulfilling my life’s purpose. Having several creative outlets can be quite confusing in terms of how to spend my hours, as well as feeling nagged by the question, “Am I missing the point? Is there one thing the Universe wants from me now?”

Any thoughts you may have are welcome, thanks.

Jeff's Answer

Hello Lana, This is an excellent question. Many of us, myself included have multiple passions, and yes we want to find the passion behind all of the different manifestations of that passion. So in my case I am passionate about sharing the miracle of awakening, I do that in courses, in books (including fiction) I do it by training others to teach and supporting them to create sustainable businesses, by running the members circle….etc… there are so many outlets that I have for sharing awakening. I find that I naturally flow from one to the other. As time goes on all of the different manifestations of my passion have become increasingly harmonious and streamlined. Now they work together in ways that reveal they are all part of one thing. Exactly what that thing is has not been fully revealed, but I see the outline of it more and more.

So in your case the underlying passion is creating beauty! I would not worry so much about what form that creative expression takes, they are all valid and you can pursue which ever ones pull on you. Over time they will self-organize into a cohesive whole - as long as you stay focused on your true passion underneath- creating beauty!