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Tim Werts Audio Teachings, Spiritual Awakening

The Gospel of WOW: The Greatest Hits Volume One is a fun and open way to pause from our routine and our searching, take stock in what we already know in our hearts, and attempt to crystalize our deepest life realizations.

The Gospel of WOW uses core universal themes found in the Judeo-Christian tradition as seeds for a deeper exploration of these life-changing perspectives. No religious affiliation is required. Only a curious heart and open mind are needed.

The WOW sessions are not lectures. Instead, they approach the key passages through a variety of engaged methods including, but not limited to, contemplative reading, guided meditation, personal reflection, and collective discussion.

To make the gatherings a bit of fun, each workshop will have a few 1970’s songs to accompany its theme. So you may need to bring back some “Joy to the World” memories of your youth.

In the meantime, simply, ask yourself each day – “What makes me go WOW?”

Session Recordings

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Tim Werts
Tim Werts is a graduate of Jeff Carreira's Meditation and Awakening Training, and teacher in the Members Circle. He teaches simple meditation practices based on the parables of Jesus that open you to new experiences of these Christian teachings on faith, spiritual freedom, and living a life of abundance.
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