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The Modern Spiritual Quest
Issue: 9 | January 15, 2022
From the Editors

In this issue we explore the modern spiritual quest.

​​For many people in today's world the quest for material success tends to drown out our spiritual aspirations, so in this issue we wanted to celebrate the spiritual lives that so many of us have led and are leading. We are very excited to include an interview with Dan Millman the author of the iconic book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. In this interview we discuss Dan's latest release Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit. In this interview, those of us who were touched by Dan's earlier books finally get the chance to discover who and what were the inspirations behind his genius.

​​We also have an interview with Amy Edelstein on her new book Adventure in Zanskar. In her beautiful memoir, Amy recounts the story of her time spent traveling alone in northern India. During that time, she trekked alone through the Himalayas, visiting ashrams and learning Buddhist wisdom from sages and adepts.

Our featured artist for this issue is Louis Parsons. You will see Louis' SoulScaping art throughout the issue and each piece offers a window revealing a different vista of one's inner landscape. In addition to these featured pieces, there are a number of other powerful contributions that together create a broad exploration of the spiritual quest as it is manifesting in the modern world.

We hope you enjoy!

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