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Loss, Grief and Transformation
Issue: 5 | January 15, 2021
From the Editors

In this issue we explore the theme of grief, loss, and transformation. Given these challenging times, we thought it relevant to introduce you to a few unique individuals who may help us shed some light on the experiences of loss and grief - namely, how to find the courage to be with the difficult emotions that these experiences give rise to, and how such experiences may ultimately lead to deep transformation.

In these pages, you will meet the bestselling author Jay Michaelson who will talk about his book, The Gate of Tears, in which he discusses the type of relationship we can develop with sadness, how it can lead to creative insight/expression, and can also be a catalyst for awakening. We will also address the topic of ecoanxiety and the complexities surrounding how to go about processing the continued and inevitable loss of our ecosystem as we know it.

And, once more, Amy Edelstein has contributed another inspiring entry in which she reviews Mirabai Starr's book, The Caravan of No Despair; the story of a woman's vulnerable and heartening journey through multiple experiences of loss and hardship.

Finally, we are privileged to have received many wonderful contributions from our members, and hope you enjoy the variety of entries that are included in this issue, including an excerpt from Candida Maurer's book, Enlightenment on the Path of Grief.

May this issue bring you some solace, and maybe even some inspiration during these difficult times.

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