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Expanding The Possible
Issue: 3 | July 15, 2020
From the Editors

In this issue, we explore a theme which is the core of our mission - how can we expand what is possible? If reality is defined by what is possible, then how can we expand reality?

This issue reaches us during months of troubling times. Global pandemic and racial tensions have created an atmosphere of social unrest filled with anger and fear on all sides. And, of course, this lands on top of threats like climate change and economic disparity, that were already creating so much insecurity for many of us. Thomas Kuhn wrote a book in 1962 that was called, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it he explains the mechanisms of paradigms. How they keep us locked in a certain worldview and why they are so resistant to change.

Kuhn identifies three factors that lead to a shift in paradigm, and one of them is the existence of longstanding persistent problems that we find ourselves unable to change. We find that it is simply not possible to solve these problems because the reality we live in is too small.

This issue is dedicated to the art of expanding the possibilities of reality. That means finding ways to shift how we perceive so we can see through our assumed limitations and recognize that more is possible than we had imagined.

Our own Ariela Cohen starts the issue off by sharing how she has learned to cope in these unsettling times. From there, we speak with Nicole Bigar to get an inside view on how artists contribute to new possibilities. We have a book review about the magic of Tibetan Buddhism and, in our members section - alongside several wonderful contributions to explore - we have a powerful piece on the 20th Century philosopher Richard Rorty by George Collins.


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