The Artist of Possibility: Visions of the Future and the Evolution of Spirituality

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Visions of the Future and the Evolution of Spirituality
A Note from the Editors

We are very pleased to present to you this issue dedicated to exploring new and better visions of the future and the ways in which spirituality might evolve. The idea that we exist within an evolving universe created a firestorm of debate following the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859.

Today, the idea of evolution remains somewhat controversial, although its use in the strictly Darwinian sense - as a mechanism for the evolution of species by natural selection - is widely accepted as a scientific fact. The word evolution is used far beyond this strictly Darwinian sense to encompass many forms of transformative growth, including spiritual growth. It is in this wider sense that we will explore evolution.

What does the knowledge that we are part of an evolving universe mean for our lives, our spiritual potential and the future of humanity? This is the question we are asking. In our search for answers, we had the chance to speak with Steve McIntosh, one of the leaders in the movement of integral philosophy and evolutionary spirituality. We also spoke with Eric Hoffman, J.D., Ph.D. who has been a leader in the human potential movement for decades. To finish off this exploration, we spoke with Tejal Tarro, a consultant creating more diverse and inclusive organizations, to explore how greater diversity and inclusion could be brought into the world of alternative spiritual pursuit.

To enrich our inquiry of this issue, our own Robin Beck wrote a powerful review of the book A Psalm for the Wild Built by Becky Chambers. And once again, we are featuring wonderful contributions from our members.

Our featured artist is Nhia Alq, whose cosmic water colors can be found throughout the issue.

We are always delighted to present you with each issue of The Artist of Possibility and we love to hear your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to read it.

We hope you enjoy!

The Artist of
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Derek Tennant
Derek Tennant
28 days ago

I have been providing a valuable service to hundreds of clients for three years now, under a gift ecology. I speak to the trauma this economy/culture inflicts, based as it is in scarcity and competition, in contrast to a spiritual view based in abundance (needing no more than enough) and caregiving. Being generous and refusing to “do business” in a transactional, you-owe-me way, liberates our innate loving heart and compassionate desire to nurture and support all life. Let’s practice our connection with all in concrete, explicit ways; build the vision and place our energy and focus on the world that is possible, the one just outside the window of “normal” that culture demands we adhere to. We are already alive in a better world, let’s pay attention, not pay money, as an acknowledgement of this truth.