2023 Deity Calendar

Living in harmony with the deities: A divinely inspired astro calendar
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Size: 11 x 17 inches

Emergence Education is proud to bring you the 2023 Deity Calendar designed and illustrated by Silvia Rodrigues.

Each month of this calendar offers insightful reflections on the qualities and archetypes associated with the zodiac sign of that month. In addition, Governing Deities, chosen from some of the great religious and spiritual traditions of the world, are used to deepen your understanding of the energetic signature of each month. Additional Bridging Deities highlight the energetic transitions that occur as each month begins and ends.

Spiritually sensitive people throughout history have realized that there are energetic patterns that govern all life on Earth. As our planet revolves around the Sun these patterns shift and gods and goddesses have often been used to help human beings understand the subtle energetic shifts that occur throughout the year.

This beautiful calendar allows you to follow and harmonize with Earth’s energies. As you contemplate the energy signature of each month and the deities that govern those energies, you will see how events that might otherwise seem random and unrelated, are revealed to be part of the larger dynamic flow of the cosmos.

This calendar is a beautiful piece of art, but it is much more than that. It is a tool for deepening our alignment with the natural cycles of our planet and navigating through our lives. Give yourself the gift of deeper harmony in 2023!

Published by
Emergence Education
Silvia Rodrigues
Silvia had her life transformed by gifts of spiritual illumination. For the past ten years she has actively used the blessings she received to support others on their own journey as a yoga teacher, artist, and oracle guide. All of her work is informed and infused by the visionary light of divinity that is always available to each of us. Her greatest joy is inspiring people to explore their own inner knowing and discover the heart center within them.
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