Unleashing the Power of Presence
Experience a depth of perception that changes everything
Danielle Morrow
with Danielle Morrow
Recording Available
Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

Recording Available

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Presence is the most important power we have because where we put our attention determines everything else in our lives.

In this free hour-long online event, Danielle Morrow will illuminate the profound potential that she has discovered in the simple act of remaining present to whatever is actually arising in each and every moment.

You see, we are not generally focused on the reality of what is arising in the moment. Instead, we are focused on everything we think and feel about what is arising now.

We live in an inner world dominated by conclusions and reactions.

Most of us would love all the mental chatter to stop so we could be more present and aware.

We try to stop the noise, but no matter what we do, it doesn’t go away.

On Tuesday, March 29th, 2022, you will learn how the power of presence has and continues to transform Danielle’s life because she has made the simple discovery that changes everything.

Your mind doesn’t need to stop before you can be present.

What Danielle will tell you is that the solution to every problem is found in presence. When we are no longer focused on the conclusions and reactions arising in our minds, we see what is really going on. We discover who we really are, what is really happening around us, and what our next best step is.

Living life from this depth of immediate perception changes everything. Over time it allows us to radically transform our lives and fulfill our deepest purpose.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to an emerging voice of spiritual illumination. Today many people are offering their hard won wisdom and insight, but I can personally attest to the depth of realization that Danielle is sharing from.

A few years ago Danielle was on retreat with me when she experienced a dramatic breakthrough into true presence. She immediately spoke with a power and authenticity that was undeniably real.

That experience led Danielle to write a book titled Presence is the Solution to Every Problem, and in just a few weeks she will be leading her first program, Presence: A five-week journey of opening to your deepest truth based on the book.

Please join Danielle Morrow for this free online opportunity for you to experience the power of presence for yourself.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Danielle Morrow
Danielle Morrow is a former software engineer and lawyer, who through following her love and inspiration for deep transformation and spirituality is now the founder of True You. She continues to pursue the higher potentials and possibilities of her soul through her own spiritual and transformational growth, discovery, and evolution. She helps her clients and students discover, explore, and open to the greater and truer depths of their true selves. They discover that what they have been seeking their entire lives has always been here because what they have been seeking is to BE who they truly are. They begin to have a radically different experience of love, aliveness, wholeness, connection, and deep inner peace.
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