The Seven Essential Teachings of Awakening
Explore what awakening is, how it is attained, and how it can be taught
Jeff Carreira
with Jeff Carreira
Recording Available
Saturday, January 29th, 2022

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


In May I will be starting my second Meditation and Awakening Teacher Training. I announced the training last month and the response was very enthusiastic, but there are still a few spots open.

I am offering this free seminar so that you can learn how I recommend teaching meditation and awakening. In this two hour event you will explore what I consider to be the seven essential teachings that can guide someone into the experience of liberated awareness.

The Seven Essential Teachings of Awakening:

  • Inner Freedom: teaching how to remain non-reactive in relation to thoughts and feelings.
  • The True Self: seeing yourself beyond the limits of time and space.
  • Pure Intention: avoiding the trap of spiritual materialism.
  • Spiritual Independence: following the guidance of our own inner knowing.
  • Love, Devotion and Authenticity: honoring the spiritual love inside us.
  • Radical Immediacy: embracing this moment as the only one that is.
  • Self Forgetting and Divine Flow: living beyond the constraints of self concern.

We will explore all seven essential teachings and you will learn why each of them holds a key element of the awakening experience. We will be drawing on the spiritual wisdom from the traditions of Advaita Vedanta, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra and Mystical Christianity, to create a comprehensive understanding of the process of spiritual growth.

This seminar will introduce you to how I teach meditation and awakening and what I train people to do in my yearlong teacher training. It will be valuable for anyone interested to learn more about what awakening is, how it is attained, and how it can be taught.

I hope you will join me.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher, artist and meditation teacher. Thirty years ago he dedicated himself entirely to the focused pursuit of spiritual awakening. He began teaching meditation and awakening fifteen years ago, and today supports people from around the world to share the fruits and blessings of their own spiritual path. His novels use the powerful medium of story to illuminate the mysterious ways in which we can awaken to the invisible realms and hidden truths that always lie just beyond the familiar world around us.
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