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Jeff Carreira
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I offer private spiritual coaching and mentorship to individuals who want consistent access to awakened awareness and the opportunity to recreate their life from that consciousness.

You can work with me in a traditional coaching modality, meeting by phone or in person in hour-long sessions to address your specific spiritual needs.

  • Spiritual Mentoring
    You can work with me in a traditional coaching modality, meeting by phone or in person in hour-long sessions to address your specific spiritual needs.
  • Spiritual Mentorship Programs
    You can work with me to design an individualized study and practice program. These programs are designed to address areas of growth that are specific to your needs and interests. You will work with me developing the content, goals and methods of the program. Mentorship programs range from 6 months to a year in length and the cost varies depending on the nature and scope of the program.
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Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education

"I have know Jeff for many years and have mentored with him at live events, in virtual programs, as well as in private mentorship. Each time I jump in, my vision expands and my life transforms. Working with Jeff feels like coming home to a deeper version of who I truly am. As if I’m remembering something I know but have not yet fully embraced. Jeff lives in conscious connection with the pulse of the Universe and teaches from the heart of his experience. This modeling inspires me to walk beside him, raising my own awareness as he has done, and stepping into my own role as an Ambassador of a New Paradigm."

~ L. Raznick

"I have received tremendous benefit from Jeff Carreira’s spiritual mentoring, in both one on one and group formats. Jeff is uniquely gifted in his ability to support my highest vision, to mirror my highest potential and to help me birth that vision in my life. I’m deeply grateful for the spiritual guidance, the philosophical wisdom and logistical support I’ve received. There is something else that I’ve been given that is hard to put into words. The support has not just given me external things - and I can certainly point to significant aspects of my work and life that have shifted, but even more significantly, it has helped me to reclaim a part of myself that I didn’t realize was hidden from me. That is the blessing of a teacher, to support us in finding our most authentic selves and to uncover our blind spots. I’ve met very few, if any, teachers that are as skilled as Jeff in this realm. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff’s mentoring and am excited to see so many others also benefitting and giving birth to new possibilities in themselves."

~ L. Kelly.

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Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher, artist and meditation teacher. Thirty years ago he dedicated himself entirely to the focused pursuit of spiritual awakening. He began teaching meditation and awakening fifteen years ago, and today supports people from around the world to share the fruits and blessings of their own spiritual path. His novels use the powerful medium of story to illuminate the mysterious ways in which we can awaken to the invisible realms and hidden truths that always lie just beyond the familiar world around us.
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