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I offer a limited number of spaces of private spiritual mentoring for people with a sincere interest in gaining consistent, sustained access to awakened awareness and the opportunity to engage in deep soul development work. The intimate space of one on one work together might be exactly the catalyst you need to experience a breakthrough and move into a new stage of your development.

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Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
What we can work on:
Sustained Access to Awakened Awareness
Our awareness is often clouded by our own fears and insecurities as well as our cravings and desires. The open and free awareness that we discover beyond all of our preferences, allows us to see the way things really are with pristine clarity. We have all tasted this possibility in peak moments, and many of us yearn to maintain that sense of open awareness more of the time. Our mentoring sessions can be used to explore the triggers and circumstances that seem to bring you back to reactive consciousness. The goal of this aspect of the mentoring work is to become ‘unhookable,’ which means that no matter what arises in mind you are able to remain calm and unmoved.
Deep Soul Development Work
We are not just human beings seeking peace on Earth, we are also spiritual souls that were alive before this lifetime and will continue after it. Our soul is seeking union with divinity and a momentous event occurs when we realize that we truly want to align our life with our soul’s sacred aspirations. Personal spiritual work comes to an end when we learn how to abide in the restful stillness of inner peace. In this mentorship you will be encouraged to leave your familiar perceptions behind and open to the guidance offered from the invisible realms of spirit. We will relax together in the presence of the divine and absorb her qualities of deeper love and wisdom into our being.
Ways We Can Work Together:
The form that our work takes together will be designed by the two of us. We will examine your spiritual intentions and aspirations and create the most optimal form for our engagement to support your needs. The work that we do together can incorporate any or all of the following modalities.
Option One:
~ Spiritual Mentoring
You can work with me in a traditional coaching manner focused on a specific issue or challenge in your life. We can meet by phone, video conference, or in person during hour-long sessions to address the specific spiritual needs of your current life circumstances. You are welcome to do one or more sessions until you feel that the issues that brought you to mentoring have been addressed.
~ Spiritual Study/Practice
You can work with me to develop the content, goals and methods of an individualized study and practice program that will guide your spiritual path into the next dimension of higher work. Once the program is designed we can plan to meet monthly to check in on your progress until you feel your goals have been met.
~ Intuitive Spiritual Guidance
You can also work with me in a more intuitive dynamic in which we settle into a state of higher awareness together and open to the flow of images and insights that present themselves in the space between us. Those who are open to this mysterious dimension of work will benefit from revelations that could never come from our limited powers of deductive reasoning.
~ Business Coaching for Spiritual Visionaries
If you are spiritual luminary who is starting or growing a spiritually inspired business to bring your wisdom with the world, I would be happy to share what I have learned over the past 30 years working in spiritually based in-person and online business. We can work together to grow your audience, develop products and offerings, and execute marking campaigns.
“We are an inextricable part of the universe and whatever guides the unfolding of the universe is also active in us.”

"Jeff Carreira is a gift from the Divine as a human and as a mentor. I have been working with him since 2017. Over that time I have grown as a person professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. Jeff has a beautiful combination of intelligence and spirituality that has allowed me to unfold and grow. He supported and taught me how to expand my virtual presence, how to run and market multi-week workshops and even inspired me to write my book. Through my presence in his online Mystery School, Jeff has exposed me to the perfect audience who continue to inspire me to the next level. Everyone in Jeff’s sphere of influence are high quality people. It is an honor to have him as a mentor. "

~ S. Kullman

"I have know Jeff for many years and have mentored with him at live events, in virtual programs, as well as in private mentorship. Each time I jump in, my vision expands and my life transforms. Working with Jeff feels like coming home to a deeper version of who I truly am. As if I’m remembering something I know but have not yet fully embraced. Jeff lives in conscious connection with the pulse of the Universe and teaches from the heart of his experience. This modeling inspires me to walk beside him, raising my own awareness as he has done, and stepping into my own role as an Ambassador of a New Paradigm."

~ L. Raznick

"I have received tremendous benefit from Jeff Carreira’s spiritual mentoring, in both one on one and group formats. Jeff is uniquely gifted in his ability to support my highest vision, to mirror my highest potential and to help me birth that vision in my life. I’m deeply grateful for the spiritual guidance, the philosophical wisdom and logistical support I’ve received. There is something else that I’ve been given that is hard to put into words. The support has not just given me external things - and I can certainly point to significant aspects of my work and life that have shifted, but even more significantly, it has helped me to reclaim a part of myself that I didn’t realize was hidden from me. That is the blessing of a teacher, to support us in finding our most authentic selves and to uncover our blind spots. I’ve met very few, if any, teachers that are as skilled as Jeff in this realm. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff’s mentoring and am excited to see so many others also benefitting and giving birth to new possibilities in themselves."

~ L. Kelly

"Jeff is a powerful teacher and wise mentor, and a rare example of what self-actualization and realization looks like. He gives generously of everything he’s learned and is dedicated to helping others reach their peak potential. His support and guidance has been essential on my journey to get my own voice out into the world."

~ KD Meyers

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The first step to receiving Spiritual Mentoring is to apply using the application form below. Choose a single session if you have a specific challenge or concern that you want to work on, or you simply want to explore the possibility of extended mentorship. Extended mentorship comes in packages of 5 sessions which can spaced out over a period of time that suits you.

  • Single sessions are $225.
  • 5-session packages are $900.

Each session is 60-minute and is held by phone or video conference.

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