Oracle Stone Process
A tool of divination for your spiritual evolution
Silvia Rodrigues
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As we grow and evolve, we pass through transformational events and transitional phases. During these times, we leave the security of one life before landing in a new one. It can feel like soaring through the sky with no ground under your feet.

These can be the most thrilling and the most terrifying times of our lives. What we need is a way to navigate through the unknown - a source of light and guidance that we can rely on.

Silvia Satya has developed a tool of divination that you can use to guide yourself through these potent and uncertain phases of life.

The Paradox of Divination

You can’t know beforehand who you will be after a transformational process in the same way that caterpillars can’t imagine the butterflies they will become. That means you can’t consciously guide yourself through transformation.

At the same time, the knowledge you need to navigate these times only exists within you.

Tools of divination, and a sensitive oracle guide, allow you to access the hidden wisdom that’s always there beyond what you think you know.

The Oracle Stone Process

Silvia Satya has created a process for divination that provides clarity and direction through the transformative ordeal. She is a sensitive medium with access to threads of spiritual wisdom that provide the understanding you need to safely navigate through the uncertainty of spiritual growth.

As your guide, Silvia willcreate an oracle stone that graphically captures the energy of the transformative process you’re going through. By using these stones as a point of focus for meditation and contemplation, you can access the deep reserves of your own inner wisdom.

The guidance you receive from your oracle stone will lead you through transitional times with ease and grace, pointing unerringly toward the fulfillment of your highest potential.

Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
In the dark there is light.
In the dark there are gifts.
- Silvia Satya
The Oracle Stone Process:
Step One: Initial Session

In this first 60-minute session conducted with Silvia via Zoom Video Conferencing. The session starts with an oracle reading and then you will have the opportunity to share details about the transition you’re in. As you speak with Silvia about the changes you see in yourself and your life, you will gain greater clarity about both the tremendous potentials and challenges you face.

Step Two: Finding Your Oracle Stone
Silvia will then take two to four weeks to create your unique oracle stone. The first step in this process is that she will walk on the beaches of Portugal in search of your stone. After immersing herself in the energy of your transformation she will listen for an oracle stone to reveal itself.
Step Three: Painting Your Oracle Stone
Once your stone has been revealed, Silvia will spend time with it. By examining the unique contours of the stone, a pattern will slowly become apparent on its surface. Once the pattern emerges Silvia will paint the stone with elements that incorporate mandala patterns and symbolic imagery.
Step Four: Second Oracle Session

In this second 60-minute session conducted with Silvia via Zoom Video Conferencing. This session will also start with an oracle reading and then you and Silvia will discuss the stone that emerged through this process. These sessions are powerful opportunities to receive wisdom from a mysterious inner source. By the end of this session you will be clear about how to best make use of your oracle stone.

Step Five: Receiving Your Oracle Stone
When ready, your oracle stone will be shipped to you. It will arrive safely packaged with a handwritten note from Silvia. Your oracle stone will provide a source of ongoing insight and wisdom for months or even years to come.
"There has never been a moment when taking the time to listen to my energy/body and connect to life hasn’t felt deeply nourishing. The simple practices I use have helped me to heal from chronic auto-immune issues and have supported me in making many positive changes in my life."
- Lauralee Kelly

“The Oracle Stone Process has supported me through two difficult transitions in my life. Each time the wisdom I received through the process revealed opportunities and directions forward that had been hidden to me. If you are in the throes of a transformative process please consider making use of this powerful tool.”

~ Jeff Carreira


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