Live in Divine Harmony Throughout 2023
Explore the wisdom of the Living in Harmony with the Deities astro calendar
Silvia RodriguesJeff Carreira
with Silvia Rodrigues and Jeff Carreira
Recording Available
Sunday, October 30th, 2022

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


In this hourlong event Silvia Rodrigues and I will explore the wisdom and power of the Living in Harmony with the Deities astro calendar. Silvia created and designed this calendar to be used as a guide for deepening our alignment with the natural cycles of Earth and navigating through the shifting energy patterns that occur throughout the year.

In this event we will explore the energetic patterns that govern all life on Earth and explore how the signs of the zodiac in combination with the characteristics of deities from the world’s great religious traditions provide guidance for how best to live throughout the year.

Spiritually sensitive people throughout history have realized that there are energetic patterns that influence life on our planet. As we revolve around the Sun the energy shifts and in various traditions there are gods and goddesses who help us to understand the energetic changes around us.

Please join us and explore the energetic dynamics of Earth and how this new calendar can help us align with them.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Silvia Rodrigues
Silvia had her life transformed by gifts of spiritual illumination. For the past ten years she has actively used the blessings she received to support others on their own journey as a yoga teacher, artist, and oracle guide. All of her work is informed and infused by the visionary light of divinity that is always available to each of us. Her greatest joy is inspiring people to explore their own inner knowing and discover the heart center within them. As an artist she shares visions of those illuminations through art. Her paintings and sacred stones are reflections of the profound inner light that lies within us all. In her oracle and tarot readings, Silvia explores the symbolism of the cards, guiding them to recognize and work with the energies moving in their lives.
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Jeff Carreira
Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher, artist and meditation teacher. Thirty years ago he dedicated himself entirely to the focused pursuit of spiritual awakening. He began teaching meditation and awakening fifteen years ago, and today supports people from around the world to share the fruits and blessings of their own spiritual path. He is aware that many people today have established their own deep connection to the spiritual source of life and the unlimited creative potential it holds. He calls these people Artists of Possibility because they have so much to share with the world. He remains completely committed to teaching meditation and awakening, and in addition has dedicated himself to helping others gather their own tribe and share their own deepest realization. He wants to support you to create a platform to share from. That means deepening your awakening, learning to articulate it effectively, and setting up the means to reach people all over the world.
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