Foundations of a New Paradigm
A six part program designed to shift the way you experience everything.
Jeff Carreira
with Jeff Carreira
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Six Sessions

Essays and Videos


Let your perception of reality be transformed.

Foundations of a New Paradigm is a six-part course that will guide you through an inquiry into a new experience of reality.

The essays and videos in this program reveal the unquestioned assumptions that determine your current experience of reality. As these deeply held assumptions are illuminated you will begin to feel free of the invisible binds that have tied you down.

You will be gently guided to embrace uncertainty as you enter the mysterious and unfathomable nature of reality.

This program will not give you a new truth. It will simply lead you through a series of questions that have the power to liberate you from fixed ideas and false beliefs.

Ultimately you will experience the freedom of not knowing and the thrill of unending discovery.

The program is composed of six essays that you receive via email. Each essay is accompanied with a short video that guides you through a provocative thought experiment.

Don’t just read the emails and watch the videos - contemplate them, feel into them, allow them to touch you. Allow this program to transform your perception of reality.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
"You have the opportunity to live beyond what you can imagine. And to me that is the whole point. When you realize that what you can imagine is a tiny part of what is ultimately possible, life becomes very exciting, because suddenly you don't know what's possible."
What You Will Discover:

What you will discover by exploring these insights is that meditation is not a technique to be practiced. Meditation means seeing clearly into the truth of the way things are.

Your journey through this program begins with the profound insight that nothing is ever truly wrong and from there you will learn the delicate art of letting go.

By the end of this program you will have gained a profound perspective on life and spiritual practice.

Your own practice fueled be these insights will have the power to radically shift your relationship to life.

At this point meditation becomes an ongoing state of wonder and amazement. All you want to do is sit in awe and gratitude at the marvel of it all.

The Six Sessions
Session #1: Is Reality Always Here?
Session #2: Does Reality Itself Ever Change?
Session #3: Catching Up With Quantum Physics
Session #4: Transcending Materialism
Session #5: Entering Non-Conceptual Awareness
Session #6: Liberating Our Creative Potential
What's Included:
  • Six essays clearly explaining the subtleties of each of six sessions covered in the program, delivered via email every two days.
  • Six videos with Jeff including instructions for six wormhole inquiries.
Words of Praise
“Time spent in the wake of Jeff Carreira is forever rich with blessings! His steady, candid, ever present demeanour and mind are such a pleasure to engage with, they soothe the heart and soul. Every time I walk away enriched beyond imagination.”
“This program has expanded my spiritual journey into new horizons about the understanding, and even more importantly on the experience of the True Self and reality."
“There has been a shift...subtle yet profound and still growing. Not sure where it is going but now I'm open to the unraveling of my programmed perceptions to see and experience something bigger. There is contentment and allowing for all to unfold."
“This program has opened up a door to Knowing, I just Know. I’ve always Known. Even without proof or evidence. I've gained clarity and a deep soft Peace into a different dimension. I’m more than grateful for this life changing guidance and teaching."
“I love working with Jeff. He messes with my head, rattles my cage and pulls the rug out from under my feet. He helps me see the possibilities of life through new eyes."
“I’m very grateful for Jeff’s depth, vision, clarity, and skill as a teacher. His teachings are life changing!"