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Healing in Presence is form of Deep Coaching that relies on a spiritual partnership between two people for the purpose of transformation and evolution. Together we create the healing space in which the Presence of the Spiritual Heart can heal and transform whatever is being experienced as an obstacle in our human life. This can include physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges along the path. It can also include limiting beliefs, recurring thought patterns, core wounds and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Through gently guided inner exploration, deepening self awareness, evoking body wisdom, and contemplative silence, the protective layers of consciousness gradually soften and light of Being emerges as our natural state. Healing occurs as our consciousness shifts into a new paradigm of reality, centered in Being.

You are invited to partner with Lisa if you are ready to move beyond self-concepts, heal the wounds of the past and live in the truth of your awake embodied Soul.

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Lisa Cary
I have been on a spiritual path since I was 15 when I met my first spiritual teacher. I’ve had several very significant teachers in my life since then. Through all the twists and turns of life my connection with Spirit has always been the golden thread that brought me back to the Source of Being when I wandered astray. For 32 years my passion and work has been in the field of mind / body healing as it relates to spiritual alignment and transformation. I have been a Somatic Integration Facilitator and Teacher for the last 30 years. In my practice I’ve assisted hundreds of people in learning to move more freely in their body and find greater harmony within themselves through a variety of integrative mind / body modalities. I’m a certified Deep Transformational and Clear Beliefs Coach as well as a Guided Meditation Facilitator. I teach monthly Somatic classes and 6 week Inner Immersion workshops online using gentle movement, guided meditation, Somatic awareness practices and nervous system regulation to ignite self healing. As a Deep Transformational and Clear Beliefs coach I work with clients individually to provide a safe space for those who are wanting to follow the call of their souls beaconing to awaken. As their spiritual partner I assist my clients in navigating through the confusion, the obstacles, the limiting beliefs, and false identities that mask the magnificence of their True Self and life purpose. I am passionate about my work and am constantly growing, expanding and evolving with it. It is truly rewarding to be doing this work at such a pivotal time in our evolution as human beings. I’m very much looking forward to the deep dive we will all be taking together in this Teacher Training program.
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