Collective Awakening and Group Facilitation Training
Perfect your ability to enter shared states of higher consciousness
Jeff Carreira
with Jeff Carreira
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Tuesdays, January 16th to October 15th, 2024

Ten Months

Limited to 6 participants


I am thrilled to announce this unique program. For some time I’ve had a growing desire to work with a small group of people (this opportunity is only open to six participants) to perfect our ability to enter into shared states of higher consciousness and train in the art of guiding others into those same collective states of awakening. This training is that opportunity and I hope you will consider joining me.

About 15 years ago I ran a program like this for a small group of people. We would meet for 90-minute sessions allowing our deepest wisdom to emerge into the group and following the emergent dialog on an unfolding path of revelation. I led that group of people for five consecutive years and all of us grew dramatically through the magic of our interactions. We learned how to engage together from a place that was much deeper than our personalities. We connected heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. We found ourselves speaking about the most profound truths with ease, clarity and confidence.

It was as if the mysteries of the cosmos were revealing themselves to us. Eventually the group did come to a natural conclusion, and I still feel a deep bond with each of the people that were a part of it. I always knew that someday I would be ready for the next evolution of that work and that time is now.

The core of the work revolves around weekly 90-minute collective attunement discussions (held via zoom) in which we will learn how to shift our awareness into higher states of consciousness together. During these meetings we will practice the principles of collective attunement and speaking from emptiness as we learn how to guide each other into higher consciousness.

The weekly meetings are the core of the work, yet the work extends beyond the meetings into every aspect of our lives. What you will discover is that in order to consistently be able to enter a shared intersubjective space of higher awareness with others, your life will need to be spiritually grounded.

For this reason acceptance into this program requires an agreement to daily practice and study. The minimal practice will be 30-minutes of meditation daily, and two hours per week of spiritual study.

This program is an intensive opportunity to engage with individual and collective spiritual work in a supportive environment that provides the guidance and accountability necessary to experience profound results.

In addition to the weekly meetings and study and practice requirements, each participant will have three opportunities to work directly with me in individual coaching sessions. These sessions will allow you to periodically review your progress and make personalized adjustments to your practice and study to optimize your path.

I have wanted this depth of engagement in a small group context for a long time and I am happy to finally be offering it.

If this is an opportunity that you would like to pursue, the first step is to submit an application, once the application is received you and I will have a phone conversation to discuss your goals and intentions so we can determine if this program is a good fit for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education
Program Structure
January 16th to October 15th, 2024
  • 40 x 90-minute Collective Awakening Attunement Discussions on Tuesdays at 3:00pm - 4:30pm US Eastern time, via Zoom.
  • 3 x 60-minute individual coaching sessions, to be scheduled during the program, via Zoom.
  • 30-minutes of independent meditation daily.
  • 2-hours of independent study weekly.

Please note that this structure will remain open to adaptation in order to meet the evolving needs of the group.

What is Collective Attunement?
Collective attunement is a practice that involves a group of people who shift their consciousness into a higher state. By engaging in this shift together we can awaken the intersubjective space of shared consciousness that exists between us. This type of collective awakening was a major breakthrough in my own spiritual path and has shaped everything that I teach. It is not only possible to mutually uplift and spiritually energize the shared space of the consciousness between us, it is also possible to learn how to facilitate dramatic shifts in consciousness for others. The alchemy that occurs through engaging with practices of collective attunement allows us to go deeper into higher dimensional realities and experience them more clearly than we ever could on our own.
What are Collective Awakening Attunement Discussions?
These 90-minute weekly discussions are the central core of our work together. Each will begin with a brief period of centering silence followed by a suggestion for a topic of exploration. Following the guidelines of the collective practice of speaking from emptiness in which we learn to rest in perfect contentment until a higher energy moves us to speak. As the energy of a higher reality speaks through us we are gradually lifted up into a shared experience of a new consciousness. As our hearts and minds open we discover that everyone present is experiencing the same new reality, and as we share our unique experience of it, a more complete vision and understanding becomes available to all of us.
Study Materials
During this year we will study four books by Jeff Carreira. Copies of each of these books are included with admission to the program and will be mailed to participants prior to the start of the program. In addition to these sources other materials may be added depending on where our exploration takes us.
Transdimensional Spirituality
Transdimensional Spirituality: Cultivating Mystical Vision and Illuminating the Soul will be our primary text and it is a comprehensive exploration of deep spiritual work that takes you from spiritual awakening, through higher dimensions of awareness, into the total release of non-dual unity, and back again to a fully realized human life. The book includes detailed descriptions and practice instructions that guide you every step of the way through the process of liberation, awakening and realization. You will see how the spiritual journey of this lifetime is a small part of a soul awakening that takes place over many lifetimes. By learning to attune to the spiritual guidance your soul continuously offers you, you will be able to shape your own spiritual work in specific ways that will optimally serve the spiritual opportunities uniquely available to you in this human birth. This is a book to be read, studied, and followed.
How To Be Free
How To Be Free: Spiritual Enlightenment, Nonduality and Deep Meditation is an invitation to embrace inherent freedom and immediate fulfillment. It is an exploration of a simple and obvious truth that is easy to understand, but very difficult to accept - you are already free, whole and fulfilled exactly the way you are right now. This is a book about inner freedom and spiritual liberation that will show you what it really means to live in the moment and be fully committed to life as it is.
The Soul of a New Self
The Soul of a New Self: Embracing the Future of Being Human is an exploration of our sense of self, how it creates the reality we live in, and how we can change reality by changing our experience of who we are. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary and classical sources from David Byrne of the Talking Heads to the 18th century German Idealist Immanuel Kant, Jeff Carreira, explains that we are currently caught in an identity of separation and isolation from each other and the world. This book takes the reader step-by-step into the realization that we are part of an unfolding continuity – a wholeness that grows. As we embrace our potential for living in unity together we open into a new phase of existence.
The Mystery of Collective Awakening
The Mystery of Collective Awakening: Questioning Identity and Connecting in Oneness explores the experience of intimacy and spiritual union that can occur between people when spiritual practice, which is often thought of as a solo activity, is done together. In this book, Jeff Carreira draws on decades of experience both practicing and teaching collective forms of practice to show how they can be used to reveal the living source that animates all of us. You will learn about a verbal meditation practice called speaking from emptiness that is done in dialog and leads to a direct mutual recognition of our inherent oneness. This experience of spiritual unity brings people together in profound emotional and intellectual alignment that dramatically expands our capacity for empathy and compassion, and offers an inspirational solution for even the most deep-seated of human dilemmas.
Apply for this Program
Application Fee: $40 | Applications due by September 8th, 2023

If this is an opportunity that speaks to you please apply to be considered for the program. Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis, but no final decisions of acceptance will be made until September 8th, so please apply before then.

The application form is simple and requires only a few minutes to complete.
You will be directed to pay the application fee after submitting the below form.
Once paid, we will be in touch with next steps.

This program is an opportunity to perfect your ability to enter into shared states of higher consciousness and train in the art of guiding others into those same collective states of awakening.
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