Beyond the Limited Sense of Self
Exploring the Shift in Identity that Changes Everything
Danielle Morrow
with Danielle Morrow
Recording Available
Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

Recording Available

Online via Zoom Video Conferencing


During this online event Danielle Morrow will explore how one of the most fundamental spiritual breakthroughs, the realization that we are not our thoughts or feelings, results in a miraculous shift in perspective in which nothing changes but everything is different.

After this shift, we give less of our attention to the small and limited aspect of ourselves that has occupied so much of our energy in the past, and our awareness is liberated to expand and deepen into the truth of who we are.

During this free hour-long event you will take an experiential journey beyond the limitations of our conceptual sense of self. You will discover why your conceptual self needs to think and feel in certain conditioned ways in order to be content and feel safe. When we identify with this aspect of ourselves, we falsely believe that we need to spend our precious life energy attempting to control and change our thoughts and feelings in order to be ok.

We spend so much time and energy trying to manipulate our physical surroundings and emotional responses in order to appease our self-concept and allow it to feel happy. All of our problems, fears, desires and beliefs, as well as our relentless need to understand and control the never-ending flux of our experience, all exist with the limited realm of our conceptual self.

For some of us, the unending turmoil we experience in life leads us to seek for a deeper, truer self, but our true self already always exists regardless of what is arising on the surface. When we sink below the surface of our experience and into our true self something miraculous happens.

This is when we begin to embody a shift in identity that takes us from a separate sense of self into the unifying whole of our true self, and it is here that we discover our deeper capacity for love, connection, truth, creativity, and goodness.

Because we are no longer identified with the separate sense of self, we stop fighting against its limitations. We lose interest in that part of us and stop taking it so seriously. We open to something much deeper and discover that we don’t have to change our thoughts or feelings, or fix anything before we can embody our true self.

Please join Danielle Morrow and experience her passionate way of sharing the miraculous shift in identity that changes everything.


Jeff Carreira
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Emergence Education