A personal note from Jeff Carreira

This event is being hosted by The Inner Strength Foundation and 100% of the proceeds will go to support meditation programs offered in the inner city public-school system of Philadelphia.

I am excited to be co-leading this retreat with my colleague Supriya Kini. Supriya is a masterful teacher who will be sharing the Indian breathing practices of pranayama.

We will begin the retreat with breathing exercises designed to and connect you to a deep source of vitality that energizes your mind, body and spirit. You will discover how the energetic opening of pranayama creates a foundation for deep meditation.

Throughout this retreat you will engage in meditation practices that reveal the secret of lasting inner peace. You will learn about how combining breathing practices with meditation can radically transform your inner experience and your physical well being.

By participating in this retreat you will also be supporting high school children to find and maintain their own sense of inner peace and well being.