Kundalini Wonder
by Dorothy Walters
Online Book Launch Event
Sunday June 7th | 4:00pm - 5:00pm US Eastern Time.
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A personal introduction from Jeff Carreira

In 1981 Dorothy Walters, PhD., underwent a virtually spontaneous Kundalini Awakening that changed everything and has continued to unfold to the present day. The ecstasy and the challenges of her experience ultimately led to a deep sense of union with the divine.

Since her awakening Dorothy has devoted her life to researching and writing about the mysterious phenomenon of Kundalini, and has assisted many people who found themselves on a similar path.

Dorothy has just published a book informed by decades of dedicated spiritual work that profoundly illuminates the path of Kundalini awakening.

The book is called Kundalini Wonder and you are now invited to sign up to receive the recording of virtual book launch event.

During this hour-long event, Dorothy talked about the book and its significance for the modern seeker. She also read a short excerpt from the book and answered a few questions for the audience.

Dorothy and I first connected in 2002, after I had written a book review of her memoir, Unmasking the Rose, A Record of a Kundalini Initiation.

I am honored to be the publisher of Kundalini Wonder.

This is a book of rare value. Seldom do spiritual books manage to offer decades of experience in such a beautiful and concise way.


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Kundalini Wonder:
The god/goddess in Your Body
Incidents of profound spiritual awakening are being reported world wide these days as massive transformation occurs across the planet. Each opening is unique. All are life changing. All mark the beginning of a long and mysterious journey, directed by the life force itself and known as Kundalini. Dorothy Walters experienced such transfiguration in l981, when little or nothing was known in the West about this phenomenon. With no guide or teacher to help her, she followed the direction of the "inner guru" to carry her through her long journey of awakening and transformation. This process changed her life totally, leading her to dedicate her life to experiencing, researching, and writing both poetry and prose about the mystery called Kundalini (the life force) and helping others on the path.
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The first 50 people who purchase a copy of Kundalini Wonder will be able also get a copy of Dorothy’s The Kundalini Poems Reflections of Radiance & Joy, as a free gift.
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The Kundalini Poems
Reflections of Radiance & Joy
In this volume, Dorothy Walters shares the work of her lifetime of contemplation, offering an extensive set of poems that, as she describes, arrives in a special way, “pouring forth from the Divine Source over a short period of time” during which she became simply the vessel in which they were received.
Praise for Kundalini Wonder
I have just spent days reading, simmering, rereading, dreaming on your most amazing book. I love it. It has helped me so much with the piece I am working on and deepened my awareness, insights, reinforced my own experiences, given me new ways to look at things. . . Kundalini Wonder is one of the clearest, most inspired, humble, authentic, poetic books I have read on the Kundalini experience. How perfect that reading a guide book on awakening becomes an ecstatic experience in itself. May this book lift and inspire the “seed people” so that this new world may be born.
Eve Ensler, playwright, performer, feminist, activist, The Vagina Monologues, The World’s Body, I Am an Emotional Creature
In Kundalini Wonder Dorothy Walters offers a tapestry of authentic personal stories, lucid reflections, and ecstatic poems that together weave a magic carpet that can transform us. Now in her ninth decade, she embodies a rapturous, childlike wonderment—clearly the harvest of her spontaneous Kundalini awakening. That’s the thing about waking up. Rather than rendering us pompous religious experts, it turns each of us into a holy wild child. I want to be like Dorothy Walters when I grow up. A full-bodied encounter with this book feels like a step in that direction.
Mirabai Starr, CARAVAN OF NO DESPAIR: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation; God OF LOVE: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam; WILD MERCY; translator of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila
While in the crucible of deep soul transformation, where the purifying and revelatory fire of god’s grace, known as Kundalini in the yogic tradition, melts away all that limits our consciousness, most people can’t give words to the effects of such unspeakable power. Yet, Dorothy Walters manages to express her experiences and reflections even as she continues in the alchemical processes wrought by Shakti Kundalini. Her writings are a chronicle of her soul’s work-in-progress that includes revelations, contemplations, and inspired poetry. She offers these not as dogma or perfected wisdom, but as another way of revealing and celebrating how Kundalini graces an individual with myriad gifts through the continuous creative unfolding of Divine Consciousness. You’ll want to return often to Dorothy’s wellspring bubbling up through Kundalini Wonder.
Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D., author of Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom, Kali’s Bazaar, and The Soul’s Journey: Guidance from the Divine Within. Founder and director of the Anam Cara Meditation Foundation. President of the Kundalini Research Network.
The latest book of Dorothy Walters is a considerable offering. She allows that there is “an abundance of material today about awakening” – and there is. But not an abundance of honest, wise guidance about the realities of this transit and the stages of evolution. Her fresh thinking is both challenging, and its own light. She concludes, “We do not leave the world, but become more fully in it...offering service and beauty.” You will benefit greatly from her words and her heart.
Paula D’Arcy, writer and speaker, Gift of the Red Bird and Stars at Night
Poet / Author Dorothy Walters e: dorothywalters72@gmail.com w: http://kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com Discover About Dorothy Dorothy Walters, PHD, taught college level English and American literature as well as Women’s Studies in various Midwestern universities for most