Expanding Consciousness from the Inside Out: Embodiment and the Path of Awakening

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In this workshop, Jeff Carreira and Susan Kullman discuss the two ways that our life force energy becomes blocked. One, because of false ideas that we hold about who we are and how reality works, and the other because of energetic blocks and physical tensions in our bodies. Our effort to liberate our energy from these two constrictions define two paths to enlightenment – one through the mind, the other through the body.

Clip #1: Comparing the practice and benefits of meditation with those of somatic bodywork (5:40)
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Clip #2: Describing the style of physical practice that Susan Kullman teaches(10:25)
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Full Seminar (1:02:20)
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Susan Kullman
Susan Kullman is a spiritual life coach, somatic educator, and yoga therapist and has successfully used the techniques and practices described in her book, Commit To What is, to help transform her own life as well as the lives of many clients and students.
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