Elemental Yin Yang Yoga

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Erin Aquin

Erin Aquin is an international yoga instructor, author and teacher trainer. Her work has helped students all over the world cultivate not only well-rounded yoga practices on the mat but live purposeful, low drama lives. Erin is a passionate teacher and the creator of Elemental Yin Yang Yoga.
Erin Aquin

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Are you a yoga instructor who wants to offer more variety and richness to your classes?

Perhaps you are a yoga student seeking a new approach to your practice.

In Elemental Yin Yang Yoga, author Erin Aquin blends the wisdom of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine with yoga into a simple, yet powerful path for both yoga teachers and students.

Discover a new combination of these ancient traditions that will fuel your life and enhance your well-being beyond your mat and into your life.

By practicing Elemental Yin Yang Yoga you will:

  • Deepen your connection with body and spirit
  • Enhance your understanding of human behaviour and the different Elemental constitutions
  • Prosper from the wisdom of the natural world around you

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