The Conscious Classroom: Supporting Teen Learning with Mindful Awareness & Contextual Thinking

In by Amy Edelstein

The Conscious Classroom

How Mindful Awareness Supports Whole Person Learning & Development

With Amy Edelstein
Learn powerful and profound tools to help teens cultivate calm, curiosity, and care.

This 16-part program is a compelling and informative program introducing the key elements of the Inner Strength teen mindfulness system. This system of supporting healthy social emotional teen development has empowered 5,500 students in Philadelphia high schools. Through its unique contextual thinking approach and its careful application of evidence-based mindfulness tools, the Inner Strength System, developed by Amy Edelstein, is improving teens ability to self-regulate and cultivate self compassion, producing better learning, happier students, and more conscious classrooms.

So many teachers today are burdened with the extra challenge of supporting their students’ mental and behavioral health, reducing anxiety and dis-regulation so kids can learn. The Conscious Classroom video program will give you practical tools and a way to engage with these issues that supports you as well as your students.

In a world where we have unprecedented access to information, literally at our fingertips, it is increasingly hard for students to understand how to focus and learn. This often results in anxiety and apathy. Teens regularly grumble, “Why do I need to learn this when I can google it?” Cultivating their curiosity and love of learning, knowing, and experimenting often requires teens to slow down, become aware of their experience, and explore the richness of life as it is, right now.

This love of learning infuses the The Conscious Classroom video program. Material is shared in a captivating way that fosters your own contemplation and helps you share that ability to observe and consider afresh with your students.

You will learn and practice exercises that you can use in the classroom to help students settle down. You will also learn how to share systems thinking with your students, which helps them make sense of large arcs of change, preparing them to engage in the complex, information-rich world of our future.

When you work with each of the short lessons in this course, you will see how the insights of contextual thinking and process philosophy, articulated by some of the twentieth century’s great philosophers like Alfred North Whitehead, are even more relevant and useful to teens today. You will appreciate how taking a step back helps us manage the overwhelming business of our lives and how you can impart that ability to teens.

By following the contemplations and exercises in each of the easy to follow lessons, you’ll find that your perspective can begin to shift in valuable ways. You’ll feel more prepared and empowered to work with your students, opening up new worlds of discovery in your classroom or anywhere you interact with teens.


The Conscious Classroom Journey

Session 1:

Teachers Transform Lives

Session 2:

Philosophers in Today’s Classrooms? You bet

Session 3:

A Powerful Culture Hack: Mindful Awareness Opens New Doors

Session 4:

Practicing the Art of Quick Release

Session 5:

Processing Strong Emotions

Session 6:

Becoming Curious about Life

Session 7:

Change Your Mind

Session 8:

Finding Calm in the Storm

Session 9:

What About Special Needs?

Session 10:

When the Classroom Gets Tough

Session 11:

Teens & Substance Use

Session 12:

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

Session 13:

You Matter!

Session 14:

One-Two-Three, Let’s Breathe

Session 15:

Is Mindfulness Safe for All Conditions?

Session 16:

But Life Isn’t Always Peaceful

"We have extraordinary potential to inspire the next generation. When we teach them how to learn and how to engage with their experience in a meaningful, open-ended, and discriminating way, we are giving them lightning in a bottle. That lightening can brighten their entire lives and our shared future"

- Amy Edelstein



Thank you! Hearing you share your stories from the classroom made it so real. I can see how I can also bring peace and relief to the kids I know in my life.

I’ve never thought about the way I “interpret” my experience. I am always just having an experience or wanting to change it. So valuable!

I am not a parent or a teacher but I love to meditate. This helped me see how I could make bridges with the people I do interact with. I found that so helpful.

The way you guided the exercises helped me relax, I can only imagine how it works in a classroom full of teens.

I appreciate how you share your vast experience in an even-handed way and that you recognize that this might not be for every child. Sometimes I feel worried this is going to become the next fad everyone has to do rather than one of the ways we can help our kids grow. Thank you for addressing so many special cases.

I am so inspired by what you have gotten going in such a short time. I can’t wait to implement it in my school.

What's Included:

  • Course Portal

    A convenient Learning Management Portal which contains all of your course materials and that will help you keep track of what you have completed as you work your way through the program.

  • 16 Lessons

    This course contains 16 short lessons, taking you through a contemplation of the key elements of a conscious classroom. Lessons include experiential practices that will help you learn and practice exercises you can do with your students.

  • Video for Each Lesson

    Each of the sixteen lessons includes a short video, which introduces a key concept or exercise for you to work with.

  • Audio

    Many people find it easier to work with audios. You can download the audios for each lesson to listen to at your convenience.

  • Transcripts

    Transcripts Each lesson includes a downloadable transcript so you can easily take notes, highlight passages, and mark insights that will support your learning.

  • Workbook

    Each lesson includes carefully crafted contemplations designed to help integrate the key concepts and deepen your understanding. You can type your responses into the fillable format online. You can also download the Print-Friendly Workbook to handwrite your responses.

  • Lifetime Access To Course Materials

    You will receive lifetime access to course materials so you can revisit them again and again, making the Conscious Classroom techniques your own.

Frequently asked questions
How is the course delivered?

You will receive immediate access to all the course materials through the Course Portal when you register. You will also receive a reminder email every day for sixteen days to help you stay on track and complete the course.

Can I do the course on my own schedule or do I have to show up at certain times?

You are welcome to do the course at your own pace. You can revisit lessons over and over, take your time, or move ahead more quickly.

Do I need any special hardware or software to participate?

You can access the portal from any web browser on phone, tablet, or computer.

How long is the course?

The course is 16 lessons long.

Can I download the audios?

You can download the audios and printed materials.

The Conscious Classroom
Supporting Teen Learning
with Mindful Awareness & Contextual Thinking
With Amy Edelstein
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About Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, educator, author, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in.

In 2014, Amy established the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization whose instructors have trained 6000 inner-city teens in an in-school three-month mindfulness and systemic thinking program. She was awarded the 2019 Philadelphia Social Innovation Silver Award for anti-violence.

She has a long commitment to mindfulness work, having begun her own indepth practice more than 35-years ago. She has run programs in mindfulness, meditation, and educational philosophy in half a dozen countries around the world and now makes her home in Philadelphia.

Amy is also a Cornell University College Scholar, cofounder of the learning platform Emergence Education, and author of five books including the award-winning, bestseller The Conscious Classroom.