You are invited to join this unique 9-day exploration of three realms of mystical awakening.
November 29th – December 7th, 2018.

  • Do you know that there is much more possible for your life than you have been taught to believe?
  • Do you feel called to experience spiritual awakening?
  • Have you heard of things like Kundalini, Shamanism and Tantra and wanted to find out for yourself if they are real?
  • Are you reluctant to do just any program because you want something authentic?

If any of these are true then this 9-Day journey is for you.

What It’s All About

This is all about taking a journey into mystical realms. The reality that we have been conditioned to perceive is not the only reality that there is. Throughout human history mystics and sages and other committed spiritual practitioners have reported back from their own mystical journeys. Most of the great spiritual literature throughout human history was inspired by these magnificent journeys beyond the ordinary. Some of us are satisfied to read about the experiences of others, but others want to make that journey themselves.

You are invited to take a nine day journey into three different mystical realms, and your guides for this journey will lead you from their own first hand experience of these realms. They will teach you how to prepare and make the journey from their own direct knowledge.

You will be well prepared before the journey starts. As soon as you register you will receive introductory audio recordings that orient you to the journey ahead and then introduce you to the three mystical realms that you will explore. You will also receive detailed suggestions for how to adjust your diet and schedule to optimize your own experience.

The 9-day journey begins on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 and
ends on Friday, December 7th, 2018.

During each of these days you will receive a guided meditation from Jeff Carreira and a spiritual healing from Dr. Tara Cuskley along with instructions for how to best use them.

Your journey takes places in three stages each lasting three days and focusing on a different mystical realm.

With love,

The Journey’s Path:

Before We Begin:


Before you begin, over three days you will listen to:

  • A 10-min Audio Introducing You To The Journey Ahead.


3 x 25-min dialog sessions introducing you to each specific stage:

  • Stage One: Kundalini and Energetic Healing
  • Stage Two: Shamanism and Shifting Consciousness
  • Stage Three: Tantra and Realizing Unity

And you will read:

  • Our suggested Dietary and Schedule Guidelines
  • The Mystical Awakening and Energetic Healing e-book and journal.

Stage One:

The Mystical Realm of: Kundalini and
Energetic Healing

November 29th – December 1st

In this stage you will explore an energetic view of reality. This energetic viewpoint gives you access to embrace Eastern practices involving the spiritual energy of Kundalini. These practice open up new pathways to awakening to both our own energetic nature and the divine feminine qualities of our being.

3 x Guided Meditations
with Jeff Carreira

  • Are you Available for a Kundalini Awakening?
  • Stabilizing Your Breathing
  • Cycling Through Energetic Intensity


3 x Guided Healings
with Dr. Tara Cuskley

  • Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Stage Two:

The Mystical Realm of: Shamanism and
Shifting Consciousness

December 2nd – 4th

In this stage you will discover the miraculous human capacity to journey into alternative experiences of reality. In these practices you will learn how to shift out of your current state of consciousness and gain direct access to the mysterious sources of both wisdom and healing that exist beyond it.

3 x Guided Meditations
with Jeff Carreira

  • Living in a Conceptual World
  • Beyond a Fixed Sense of Self
  • A World of Pure Experience


3 x Guided Healings
with Dr. Tara Cuskley

  • Power Animal
  • Nature Spirit
  • Upper World Journey

Stage Three:

The Mystical Realm of: Tantra and
Realizing Unity

December 5th – 7th

In this stage you will discover how Tantric spiritual paths can give you immediate recognition of the inherent wholeness that always exists right here, right now. In these practices you will be guided into direct contact with the divinity that is always available in the miraculous experience of being alive.

3 x Guided Meditations
with Jeff Carreira

  • Immediate Access to Inner Freedom
  • The Immediate Recognition of Unity
  • This Is It


3 x Guided Healings
with Dr. Tara Cuskley

  • Masculine Healing
  • Feminine Healing
  • Balancing Polarities Within – Unity

Concluding Stage

Ascension and Collective Evolution

After your 9-day journey you will listen to a recorded dialog in which Dr. Tara Cuskley and Jeff Carreira share their thoughts about how mystical awakening supports the larger human accesson and the collective evolution of our species. The work we do to attain access to higher realms of being and realize new human potentials will certainly affect us as individuals, but it also expands what is possible for the entire human family.

And you are invited to a bonus workshop:

  • Saturday December 8th at noon to 2:00pm Eastern Time.

How It Works

The program has been designed to be profound and intensive without demanding an enormous amount of your time or money.

When you register for this program you will be able to login to a private online portal where you can access all of the instructional materials including preparatory audios and an eBook. (The eBook includes journal pages where you can record daily reflections during your journey).

You will also receive suggestions for how to arrange your diet and schedule during the nine days so that you will be as open and receptive for the miraculous as possible.

We ask you to complete all of your preparatory work before the start of the 9-day journey.

With your preparatory work done it will be time for the journey to begin. The core of the program is a 9-day mystical journey that occurs between November 29th and December 7th, 2018. During your 9-day journey you will listen to one guided meditation each morning, one guided healing each evening, and write in a daily reflection journal for 20 to 30 minutes each day.

What’s Included:

  • An Introductory and Preparatory Module Accessible Immediately Upon Registration

    You will be well prepared before the journey starts. As soon as you register you will receive an introductory audio recording that orients you to the journey ahead along with detailed suggestions for how to adjust your diet and plan your schedule to optimize your own experience.

  • 3 x 25min Downloadable Dialog Sessions with Transcripts

    You will receive three illuminative dialog sessions with Jeff Carreria and Dr. Tara Cuskley, one per stage, each introducing each mystical realm you will explore on the journey.

  • 9 x Downloadable Guided Meditations

    Each mystical realm includes 3 x 10min Guided Meditation with Jeff Carreira, to listen to in the morning before you start your day. That’s one per day for nine days.

  • 9 x Downloadable Guided Healings

    Each mystical realm includes 3 x 10min Guided Healings with Dr. Tara Cuskley to listen to the evening before you go to bed. That’s one per day for nine days.

  • Concluding Dialog: Ascension and Collective Evolution with Transcript

    In this dialog Dr. Tara Cuskley and Jeff Carreira share their thoughts about how mystical awakening supports the larger human ascension and the collective evolution of our species.

  • Lifetime Access To the Materials

    Lifetime access to all the journey materials – so you can take the journey again and again over time.

** Special Bonus Workshop **

As a special bonus for those of us making this journey together Dr. Tara Cuskley and Jeff Carreira will be offering a free follow-up workshop on Saturday December 8th from noon to 2:00pm US Eastern Time. In this two hour live event held via conference call you will have the chance to work live with your teachers and ask them any questions you have from your journey.

Mystical Awakening
and Energetic Healing

A 9 Day Journey with Jeff Carreira and Dr. Tara Cuskley

** Registration closes Sunday November 25th, 2018.

Your Guides for this Journey

Dr. Tara Cuskley and Jeff Carreira are modern day spiritual adepts who have devoted their lives to sharing the highest human possibilities with others.

They boldly explore the outer edges of spiritual pursuit to continuously generate new insight and understanding that they can bring back to those they work with.

In this joint teaching venture they will share wisdom and lead practices that guide you on a highly experiential journey through the world of mystical awakening.

Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira is a meditation teacher and a mystical philosopher with an international following. He is the author of six books exploring the practice of meditation and the philosophy of inner growth. He has been leading workshops and retreats and teaching courses and programs that have guided thousands of people throughout the world to discover higher possibilities.

Learn more

— He has lived this and has deep knowledge and understanding…

“Never doubt the power of a group field, fuelled by a compassionate, wise teacher and sincere students. Magic happens. You have to show up and do the footwork and then something mysterious and wonderful happens. Jeff is very easy in his role, comfortable, honest, humble but make no mistake – he has lived this and has deep knowledge and understanding.”

— A palpable experience of being moved by the unimaginable…

“For me it seems very simple. My hearts longing for truth expressed in a simple yet coherent way coupled with a collective longing for depth and Jeff’s simple, relaxed, clear approach weaved a very rich and palpable experience of touching into and being moved by the unimaginable.”

Dr. Tara Cuskley

Tara Cuskley, Psy. D. is a New York State licensed psychologist, Reiki master, and energy healer, providing therapeutic and healing services, combining empirically-based psychotherapeutic treatments with a holistic approach. She is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness, as well as Reiki, shamanic healing, and theta energy healing techniques. Her work focuses on clients’ needs for personal growth and healing, which may include shifting mental and emotional patterns, energy clearing and rebalancing, gaining clarity on life goals, and offering support through life transitions or spiritual awakening events.


— Revolutionary…

“My work with Tara has revolutionized my relationship with myself, powerfully shifting how I engage with the world. Her experience in both traditional and energetic healing methodologies provided depth and breadth to our sessions. Five stars.”

— I think of everything differently…

“I highly recommend Dr. Cuskley’s energy healing. I’ve never experienced an acute inter-play between mind and body than my work with her. I can honestly say after my session, I think of everything differently…. For those on the crossroads of healing, this is a great place to start to open your worldview with compassion and respect. Dr. Cuskley is the most pragmatic, down-to-earth, and honest person I’ve crossed regarding this growing, important healing space.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the course on my own schedule or do I have to show up at certain times?

The course is self directed so you can listen to the audios whenever works best for you. Once you register, you have lifetime access to all of the course materials.

How is the course delivered?

We want you to get you started as fast as possible, so right after you sign up you will receive your welcome email with access to the online course portal which is where all the course materials are found.

Do I need any special hardware or software to participate?

No. All you need is access to the internet to both receive and open emails, and access the online course portal.

How long is the course?

This course includes 160mins of audio recordings, broken into four sessions. Each dialog session includes two 20-min audios

Can I download the audios?

Yes, the audios are downloadable.